Online learning isn’t possible in Nigeria – ASUU


By Muhammed Saheed

The Academics Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) expressed concern over the glamouring of online learning as a result of the closure of schools over the pandemic virus that holds the world to its knees, says it’s unfeasible in the university.

The President of ASUU, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi, make the statement in an interview with journalists.

“I am even focusing on tertiary institutions now because I don’t want to go to the lower level. So if you talk of tertiary institutions, the first thing is when they don’t have the skills they will water down the quality in terms of content generation, what should go into content, it is different from loading students with materials.

“What you are going to give to the students they should be able to digest, and that also requires skills in preparation. Where they cannot digest, maybe at worst, it may just be garbage in garbage out because when you digest, you will be able to ingest and when you ingest, it becomes part and parcel of you, and that is when you can apply.

“Many of us that teach in face-to- face arrangement we know the difficulties we face in explaining concepts, in illustrating presentations, so that dimension will be there. The quality in terms of content, in terms of presentation, will be watered down,” the President of ASUU added.


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