INTERVIEW: In business, profit a must, consistency key – CEO, Dah Golden Empire


With the revolution in Information Communication Technology (ICT), a sharp turnaround has been witnessed in all stratas of life, and the business sector is no exception. Businessmen and entrepreneurs the world over have exploited the sophistication in technology to advance the frontiers of their brands.

Jimoh Balikees Damilola, a student-entrepreneur who is the Chief Executive Officer of Dah Golden Empire, an online brand renowned for the sale of quality fashion wears and accessories, is one of the business moguls who has taken her shots at online trading, and recorded relative success so far.

In this interview with THE RAVENS’ USMAN SULYMAN, she delves into the annals of online trading, shares her experiences and understanding of business which have worked for her, arguing that consistency is what keeps every business going, as profit must be made.

Give us a brief description of yourself and your business

My name is Jimoh Balike Damilola. I am the CEO of Dah Golden Empire. I am an undergraduate of the University of Ilorin, studying Mass Communication. Established November 7, 2018, Dah Golden Empire stands for quality and elegance. Quality in the provision of top grade fashion wears and accessories and an assured elegant appearance of our customers. Dah Golden Empire is committed to putting customers first by giving affordable prices while still securing the best quality for its esteemed customers.

Is Dah Golden Empire a sole proprietor business or a partnership business?

Well Dah Golden Empire is still a sole proprietor business but we are looking at extending and improving our business through partnerships with superior organizations.

How did you generate your ideas and concept of Dah Golden Empire?

Through a critical thinking. I’m someone that thinks a lot if alone. I feel I needed something to support myself and i realized people buy a lot of fake products online, so I took fashion business and decided to look into people’s pain points by dealing with the problem they’re facing.

As the CEO, what do you think are your responsibilities to Dah Golden Empire?

To provide quality accessories that suit and solve my customer’s pain points, to make sure the brand fulfills all her promises to the customers because customer satisfaction is very important and consistency keeps the business going.

There’s a lot of talks about advertising, marketing and the likes as being pivotal in moving a business forward. How do you go about publicity in your business?

Yeah, that’s true. Sometimes, we do sales promo and slash in price just like what we’re currently doing on special occasions. We also sometimes get referral from our loyal customers and advertise in a yearly published student magazine because students constitute 70% of our target audience. We also use hashtags when posting our products online. And we also have ambassadors for the brand too, who are more like affiliate marketers. All these are what we put in place.

There’s something, an extra tip that makes a business in all ramifications a step above other businesses. What makes your business unique?

There is a popular saying that fake products don’t sell twice. So, we make sure that whatever product we’re pushing out there is of high quality, topnotch and also we make our customer feel like they own the empire.They feel free and make any choice that will be beneficial to them and us. We always make sure that we retain our loyal customers and we turn prospects into customers too.

Technology today has a great effect on businesses. It makes some and mars others. How has it impacted Dah Golden Empire?

Yeah, sure it does. Basically, our business is online, we don’t have a physical enterprise yet. So we operate with phones and laptops. We also make use of some softwares for our record and accounting such as quickbooks among others.

Is Dah Golden Empire running local or national or a combination of both?

We run locally as well as nationally. We deliver nationwide once you purchase an item and you pay a certain amount as delivery fee, you’ll get your package. In fact, we are looking into expanding our territory beyond Nigeria.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?

DGE has never stopped moving forward, always steps ahead of our competitors. In the next 5-10 years, we would inshallah have our own building and have extensions and some businesses which will be subsidiary to DGE.

Have you at some points thought about going global and dominating the business world?

Of course! I’m thinking of having a jewelry line and make up products customised like DGE lipstick, DGE powder and DGE ear ring.

So, in view of all these, what challenges do you face in Dah Golden Empire?

As you know fashion industry keeps evolving and to be in the same pace with it requires a lot. Secondly, too much scammers and fraudsters make it hard for some potential customers to trust an online brand. Too much competitions. Everyone is now an entreprenuer, even if they don’t know what it takes to be one. Limited number of customers and sometimes delivery issue. Someone might want to buy something from Abuja or Kano but the delivery fee will likely hinder them.

So have you at a point had to decline offers of customers or turn them down?

Yes, if I realized that in trying to satisfy you we’re not gaining we won’t sell out the products. In business, profit is a must. No bargain.

What is your advice for others coming into the business world?

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, they should not think or feel because someone is doing well in their line of business they will also thrive if they go into that particular business.They should always try to solve people’s problem because knowing their customers’ pain points and coming to their rescue will always win people over. Market survey is also a very important part of every business. The location most times will determine favourable products to sell. They should focus, determine and keep being real. And lastly i will want them to know that it is better for someone to stay where he will be celebrated than where he will be tolerated. I wish everyone all the very best.


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