Is AbdulRazaq Kwarans’ messiah?


By Shehu Suleiman Kayode

Hardship is said not to be eternal if man’s belief lies with God, and his patience is not interrupted.

For years, kwarans wallowed in abject hardship due to maladministration experienced in the hands of carefree, heartless, cruel and greedy leaders.

Their concern was on how to get their purses to swell up with the state treasury; they cared not about what occurs the citizens. Now, everything has become a thing of past ( history), and the same history would never forget them.

Truly, no one would help you lift your luggage while you have your hands folded. Heaven, as known, helps only those keenly ready to help themselves.

Kwara of today came to be as a result of massive readiness of the masses through their actions to halt hanky panky rulership/lordship. When it looked impossible, unachievable and unrealistic, progressive-minded citizens stood up solidly to stand by a man, a true son of the soil, Abdulrahman Abdulrasak whose intent was to birth a conducive Kwara for all and he was voted in as the state’s Governor. He was entrusted with the state’s treasury, the citizens’ life and their comfort were put in his care. It’s a year plus that the men’s choice assumed office and how well has he been managing and administering the state?

As established above, on the 29th of May, 2019, his excellency Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq assumed the office of the governor and decided to take up the mantle of leadership in Kwara State.

As promised, he has been working effortlessly to walk his talks and truth be told; it has never been like before. Kwara is truly experiencing a new dawn, a fresh breath and a new atmosphere. Thank God for our drastic decision to let go of Pharaoh-like rulership.
At a point when the governor came on board, the state was at the state of dilapidation.

The pillars holding the state’s building was at the verge of collapsing. Thanks to the new builder with good plans to rehabilitate the falling building. Infrastructurally, economically, socially and amazingly, the state is growing. The promises of he not failing the hands that voted him remain his utmost priority. For any doubt against the said points, I will urge you to take a walk around the state to see how the state new looks.

Civil servants would forget not the Caliph Umar-like leadership in Abdulrahman as he makes workers’ salary a must pay dues. Unlike before that, they worked without getting paid. His excellency has made it a paramount to pay off workers before their sweat for their labour dries. Do not let the sweat of your workers dry before they get paid, Islam says. He ensures not to deviate from divine directives, and God has been guiding him aright.

Today, I am not writing to state his achievements in the past one year, but I am just applauding his efforts in building the Kwara we all dream of. It’s visible and audible enough for blinds and deaf to see and hear. Only hypocrites would bely it.

However, may I seize the same avenue to remind our dear Governor that our hopes are high; hence, we expect him to keep to fulfilling his promises for Kwarans. He should not for any threat, and oppression leave Kwarans uncared for, for they are the cattle he should watch after. Do not be detracted by the uproars of the gladiators who want their banks to increase while leaving governance, the primary objective of your emergence as the masses’ Governor behind; they are toothless dogs barking, who would they harm? Keep up the good work moving, take a glimpse at the party loyalists with good intents for the state, join hands with them to build the Kwara of our dream. Not all of them are bad, see to the good ones and support one another for the betterment of the state.

Judging from the happenings in the state of harmony presently, AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq is indeed a true Messiah for Kwarans.

While the building of a better Kwara continues, I pray you success and achievements in the remaining years. I pray you sound health, wisdom and protection to lead and rule aright. Yours is a divine guard against all the odds.

You’re no doubt Kwarans’ Messiah, ride on!

Shehu Suleiman Kayode (Fabulous)
[email protected]


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