To a good dribbler, I write


By Shehu Suleiman Kayode

Dr Bukola Saraki, a great dribbler,
In the political field, you’re a great player
Thy achievement in polity is known to everyone
Both home and abroad, you’re called the skillful one

In the past years, you wined and dined in victory
From one position to another without a recess
Everyone compares your style of play to the great Messi
Scoring astonishing goals, having dribbled past all and sundry

So pathetic,
today, you’re red card handed for a break in the polity
A shocking card that could cost one his sanity
Bad news for lovers but good for those presumed to be enemy
yes or no, it’s your time of adversity

Forget not, no one wallows in serenity forever
As sadness passes by, happiness takes over
What you face today, you never faced yesterday
What comes after would differ from the gone days

Do remember, nobody owns it all,
One comes today, tomorrow he’s gone,
What you do today is remember today by all,
I’m sure by now, you’ve learnt lots from all

If by chance, you get to power again,
Do reach out to those in pain,
Check well, examine thoroughly, your teammates, for your efforts not to be in vain

To a party you’re good, to another you’re not
as a leader, let everyone gets from your groundnut
You’re a leader for all, not for some
Let everyone’s well being be the first

Dear sir,
Yea, you’re a year older,
Not only that but a year better,
I am assuring you, tomorrow is still greener
The sun out there can dry your clothes
It will be better, greater if you are for all and not for some!

Learn from this, buy their hearts.

I pray you, as you celebrate your 58th birthday, a resounding health, peace and tranquillity and a good sight to know that not everyone who voted you out is your enemies and not all those that voted for you are your friends. Live on Sir.

More prosperous years to a one-time number 3 citizen of the Federal republic of Nigeria.
Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki,
More wins!

Shehu Suleiman Kayode (Sir Fabulous)
[email protected].


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