Ministry of Works and Transportation: Suleiman’s strides in 12 months


By Folorunso Fatai Adisa

On Friday, December 13, 2019, news broke that an illustrious son of Oloru — Moro Local Government, Kwara State— Hon. (Engr.) Suleiman-Rotimi Iliasu had assumed office as the Commissioner for Works and Transport, Kwara State. To everyone who knows him for the commitment, diligence and excellence he would always bring into whatever he does, it was a delightful news item, and their first impulse was to congratulate Kwara State on its fortune of having such a prodigy at the helms of that Ministry’s affairs, with — his attitude of excellence— every promise of taking the Ministry to its altitude.

That H.E Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq is a man of restless questing spirit, razor-blade intellect and remarkable physical energy is an incontrovertible truism. Consequently, Engr. Suleiman-Rotimi knew he had to be ready to work in order to meet standards in all that he would do in his designated Ministry. As soon as Engr. Suleiman assumed duty, he reached for the accelerator and put the Ministry at full throttle. Expectedly, within the twelve (12) months he spent in office, the former Commissioner’s Midas touch can be felt in Kwara State in diverse ways— in spite of the myriad of challenges economic, political, social etc. that the new administration inherited from the past one— as a result of his shrewdness, the unwavering support and counselling he received from H.E Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq and the good people of the State.

Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq assumed office amidst massive hope and expectation from the people of Kwara State that here, at last, is a leader who would stop the slide and lead the State to progress, development and the realization of its destiny. The mood all over State, at the time he took over, was, incontestably, euphoric. And as of now, it is even grandly euphoric as a result of his chains of achievement in office in less than two (2) years.

In line with the promises made, Kwara State under Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq has begun to show that it will be a creditably different State— in terms of excellence, development etc.— than the one we had become used to. When the former Director Centre for Peace and Strategic Studies, UNILORIN, Mahfouz Adedimeji rightly submitted in his piece titled, “Leadership is action” that: “There are three types of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder how things happen. Action men are leaders who make things happen while others only watch while the thoughtful ones just wonder.” he must have had Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq in his mind as the action man who makes things happen— An action leader. Hon. (Engr.) Suleiman-Rotimi Iliasu, therefore, immensely thank Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq for finding him worthy of serving the state under his watch.

It is the administrative acumen and the ever-supportive nature of the Governor that has granted Hon. (Engr.) Suleiman-Rotimi Iliasu, the former Commissioner for Works and Transport, and other people in the Governor’s cabinet the opportunity to achieve some laudable landmarks in their various offices in the last 12 months.

Importantly, in what follows, I shall chronicle the achievements of Hon. (Engr.) Suleiman-Rotimi Iliasu at the Ministry of Works and Transportation, Kwara State, in the last 12 months.

1.​Construction and repair of Box culvert at Pampo Town, Asa LG.

2.​Construction and repair of Box culvert at Pampo Town, Asa LG.

3.​Grading of Alapa to Arobadi Asa LG.

4.​Grading of Ilesha Baruba to Ogboro, Oyo State Boundary, Baruten.

5.​Construction of Market. junction, Emir’ Palace road, Gwanara,(1.1km), Baruten.

6.​Culvert at Gure, Baruten.

7.​Construction of Ilesha Baruba – Gwanara Road, Baruten (Ongoing 33km).

8.​Kaiama Kosubosu Rural Road Reconstruction, Baruten/Kaiama (Ongoing 87 km).

9.​Rehabilitation of bridges/Culverts Egwa Bridge, Lafiagi Edu.

10.​Construction of Secretariat Road, Lafiagi (1.54km), Edu.

11.​Construction of Tsaragi Market -Batakpan Box Culvert (1.5km), Edu.

12.​Construction OF TSWATA-BODZO ROAD, TSONGA (1.31km).

13.​Grading of Osi – Obbo Aiyegunle Road, Ekiti.

14.​Construction of Obbo Ile – Isapa Box Culvert, Ekiti LG.

15.​Construction of Osi Township road (3.5km), Ekiti.

16.​Award for the construction Osi – Obbo Aiyegunle Road, Ekiti.

17.​Construction of Oro Ago – Oyate Road (2.3km), Ifelodun.

18.​Rehabilitation of CAC, Ogere, Babanloma (1.7km), Ifelodun.

19.​Construction of Oriza bridge – Oro-Ago, Ifelodun.

20.​Box culvert and retaining wall at oro ago, Ifelodun.

21.​Construction of IMU Culvert -Alabe, Ifelodun.

22.​Construction of Ipata Market Interna Road (490m), Ilorin East.

23.​Rehabilitation of Zango Akerebiata Road (1.2km), Ilorin East.

24.​Construction of Sobi Specialist Hospital – Gaa Osibi – Medina (2km), Ilorin East.

25.​Rehabilitation of Jagun – Sobi Specialist Hospital – Sobi Junction, Ilorin East.

26.​Construction of Interlock Access Road at Ita-Ajia Linking Iso Eja, Baba Isale Idiape Area Ilorin, Ilorin East (On-Going).

27.​Construction of Awolowo- Danialu road (1.3km), Ilorin South
28.​Rehabilitation of Tipper Garage to Judges Quarters-New GRA, Ilorin South.

29.​Rehabilitation of Basin Taoheed road to Judges Quarters, Ilorin South
30.​Rehabilitation of Unity Road, Ilorin South.

31.​Rehabilitation of Post Office to Garage Offa road, Ilorin (MICHEAL IMODU), Ilorin South.

32.​Construction of Master Drain at Olunlade opposite Micheal Imodu, Ilorin South.

33.​Rehabilitation: Dangote Flour Mill Frontage and Asa Dam Road (Geri Alimi to Garage Offa, Ilorin, Ilorin South.

34.​Rehabilitation: Adelodun Road Road, Flower Garden Area GRA Ilorin, Ilorin South.

35.​Rehabilitation: Agba Dam to CBN Quarters to NNPC Pipeline Road and reconstruction of box Culvert, Ilorin South.

36.​Construction of Lower Asa Dam Road (829m), Ilorin South.

37.​Rehabilitation: Fate Tanke Road, Ilorin, Ilorin South.

38.​Rehabilitation: OkeAndi-Obafemi-Taoheed Road, Ilorin South.

39.​Rehabilitation of Niger road, Ilorin, Ilorin South.

40.​Road Rehabilitation: Saboline, Ilorin East, Ilorin South.

41.​Road Rehabilitation: Awolowo Road, Ilorin South.

42.​Road Rehabilitation: Fate Basin, Ilorin South.

43.​Road Rehabilitation: Commissioner’s lodge, Ilorin South.

44.​Road Rehabilitation: kilanko road, Ilorin South.

45.​Road Rehabilitation: Gaa- akanbi road, Ilorin South.

46.​Road Rehabilitation: Opomalu, Ilorin South.

47.​Road Rehabilitation: ikokoro-olufadi-Edun, Ilorin South.

48.​Road Rehabilitation: omosebi, Ilorin South.

49.​Road Rehabilitation: Erin-ile road, Ilorin South.

50.​Road Rehabilitation: Airforce road oloje, Ilorin South.

51.​Construction of Jani Ibrahim Close. GRA Ilorin, Ilorin South.

52.​Construction of Alh. Sani Lawal close off Offa Rd. GRA Ilorin, Ilorin South.

53.​Construction of Peace Street Road, Tanke, Ilorin South (On-Going).

54.​Construction of Queen Elizabeth School (1.5km Internal Road), Ilorin West
55.​Construction of Alore Banni Adabiya road(1.1km), Ilorin West.

56.​Construction of College of Education road linking Unilorin Minicampus (800m), Ilorin West.

57.​Rehabilitation on Geri-Alimi Split Diamond Interchange (Section I), Ilorin West.

58.​Rehabilitation of Taiwo road, Ilorin West.

59.​Rehabilitation of ItaAdu Junction to Jagun Junction road, Ilorin West.

60.​Rehabilitation of Jagun Junction to Sobi Specialist to Lanre Gada – Sobi road, Ilorin West.

61.​Rehabilitation: New Yidi Road, Ilorin, Ilorin West.

62.​Rehabilitation: Saw Mill Cemetery Road, Ilorin, Ilorin West.

63.​Rehabilitation: Adeta Roundabout to Oloje Junction, Ilorin, Ilorin West.

64.​Rehabilitation: Itakudimo Pakata Road, Ilorin, Ilorin West.

65.​Grading and Construction of Collector Drainage, Flamingo Road, Off Stadium Road, Taiwo Ilorin.

66.​Construction of internal road in Ipata Oloje Market, Ilorin West.

67.​Rehabilitation: Oko Erin to Asa Dam and reconstruction of box Culvert, Ilorin West.

68.​Rehabilitation: Kano Road Adewole, Ilorin, Ilorin West.

69.​Construction: Ita-Kudimo, Ode Ishowo, Pakata area, Ilorin, Ilorin West.

70.​Adeta Primary School Linking Kuntu, Ilorin, Ilorin West.

71.​Reconstruction of Oke-Apomu Ayilara Road, Ilorin West.

72.​Rehabilitation: Pakata Road to Alore, Ilorin West.

73.​Sectional Over Along Ita-Amo -Madi, Ilorin West.

74.​Interlock Access: Masankore Gambari to Akalanbi, Ilorin West.

75.​Road Rehabilitation: Yidi Road Culvert, Ilorin West.

76.​Road Rehabilitation: Atiku – Agbo oba road, Ilorin West.

77.​Road Rehabilitation: Gari alimi – Oja oba, Ilorin West
78.​Road Rehabilitation: Gaa Odota, Ilorin West.

79.​Road Rehabilitation: Olorunsogo, Ilorin West
80.​Road Rehabilitation: Agbo oba, Ilorin West.

81.​Road Rehabilitation: Oja oba – centre igboro, Ilorin West.

82.​Construction of Interlock Access Road at Ayilara And Patching Of Adangba Road, Ilorin West (On-Going).

83.​Construction of Interlock Access Road at Idigba Aibinu Akpaokagi Extension, Ilorin West (On-Going).

84.​Construction of Museum Road, Esie (3Km), Irepodun
85.​Grading of Owa Kajola to Isanlu Isin, Isin LG.

86.​Rehabilitation of General Hospital, Road, Kaiama (800m), Kaiama.

87.​Construction of Gwaria Road, Kaiama (1.6km), Kaiama.

88.​Rehabilitation of Kaiama Roundabout to Emir’s Palace (Additional Work), Kaiama.

89.​Rehabilitation: Kaiama Wawa box Culvert along Kainji Road, Kaiama.

90.​Maigida Bani Rural road rehabilitation (KAIAMA / MORO).

91.​Kishi Kaiama Road Grading (Rural Road Work), Kaiama (On-Going).

92.​Construction of Shao Township road (1.2km), Moro.

93.​Rehabilitation of Shao-Junction Malete Road, Moro.

94.​Construction of Culvert along Okeoyi Lanwa, Moro.

95.​Construction of Box Culvert at Afoda, Moro
96.​Construction of Box Culvert Along Ejidongari Road, Moro.

97.​Construction of Idofin OdoAse Culvert, Oke Ero
98.​Construction of Tipper Garage- Amuyo – Adesoye College (3km).

99.​Road Rehabilitation: Secretariat road, Offa Township (Completed).

100.​Road Rehabilitation: General Hospital- Hallelujah, Offa Township (Completed).

101.​Road Rehabilitation: Taiwo Road, Offa Township (Completed).

102.​Road Rehabilitation: Oloffa way, Offa Township (Ongoing).

103.​Road Rehabilitation: Railway Crossing, Offa Township Ongoing.

104.​Construction of Erin Ile Town Hall/Station road (960m) Oyun.

105.​Construction of Emir’s Road, Patigi (1.2km), Patigi.

106.​kusudu-kpada road and Patigi – Gadaworo road, Patigi.

107.​Total Revival and Repair of Over 10 Years Abandoned D8 Bulldozer.

108.​Total Revival and Repair of Over 10 Years Abandoned Grader 1 (Manual).

109.​Repair of Grader 2 For Earth Work (Auto Drive).

110.​Grading of Tanke Central Mosque Road.

111.​Grading of Oko Oba, Oke Odo Community Tanke.

112.​Al-Hikmah University Rural Road Construction.

113.​Construction of Box Culvert at Adewole, Agbooba Link Road, Ilorin (Bibire).

114.​Grading 0f Odeyemi Street, Sanrab Tanke.

Importantly, Hon. (Engr.) Suleiman-Rotimi Iliasu immensely appreciates the Speaker of Kwara State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Salihu Yakubu-Danladi, whom he described as “a commendable youth ambassador who is sincere, diligent and full of wisdom”. In his words, he remarked: “I greatly thank the House of Assembly Members from Moro; House committee chairman on works and members of the committee; The entire Hon. Members of the 9th Assembly, my fellow colleagues, Moro AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq Prodigies (MAAP) and the good people of Moro and Kwara State. They were tremendously supportive and always after the success of my project. By extension, they were after the uplift of Kwara State in the sphere of works, transport, and other infrastructural developments.” He rightly closed his appreciation to everyone with a quote by Mahatma Gandhi where he remarked, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Indeed, any service(s) to humanity is a service rendered to God. Hon. (Engr.) Suleiman has served humanity; and under him, the Ministry of Works worked and walked.

Folorunso, Fatai Adisa
January 7, 2021
[email protected]


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