Saraki is the ‘Generalissimo’ of thugs — KII hits back at Kwara PDP


Kwara Intelligentsia Initiative (KII) finds laughable a press statement signed on behalf of the Kwara State People’s Democratic Party (PDP) by Tunde Ashaolu, with the title, ‘Rein in your thugs, Kwara PDP warns Gov. Abdulrazaq’. That release, apart from being laced with outright falsehood, is watery, shallow, uninformed and coming from a party that has as its leader a persona that wears the decorated crown of being the ‘baba isale’ of thugs in the political space.

We are speaking of Abubakar Bukola Saraki, the politician whose political thugs masterminded the infamous Offa massacre where scores died, and even deprived a foetus of its God given right to come to life. The whole of Kwara was notorious for all sorts of brigandage, political harassment, occultic fracas, ritual killings, violent suppression of the opposition and the destruction of lives and property orchestrated by them in their desperate bid to clinch onto power forgetting that “power belongs to God alone and He gives it to whom He wills.”

The PDP therefore lacks the moral right to speak on political thuggery; that was its signature in its locust years. We won’t forget so soon how thugs were rebranded ‘good boys’ in Kwara State under the watch of Saraki and his lickspittle, Fatai Ahmed. They were put on government payroll and gifted luxury cars and choice properties. They gallivant around town, move with brazen audacity and harass defenceless citizens at will. There are pictorial evidence showing the Offa notorious robbers in a pose with Saraki their almighty leader and mentor.

We are very worried that at a time Ashaolu and his ilk should rally round their Leader in his failed role to bring the PDP together, a party that has been disorganized beyond redemption since their leader lost grip of the state treasury, rather they are busy interfering in APC’s internal wrangling which was borne out of the need to purge out the Saraki political mentality of greed within its rank. What the majority in APC are clearly saying is no to godfatherism and “apapin” of state resources which is their area of specialization.

Oyo State Governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde reportedly just exited the Whatsapp platform of the PDP and is perfecting his plans to dump the party. Ekiti PDP is a house divided against itself. All these do not give concerns to Saraki who was named the Chairman of the PDP National Reconciliation Committee. Under his failed leadership, the party has been losing its core stakeholders in its numbers. Umahi, a Governor in the South East is gone with thousands of party stalwarts and Governor Seyi Makinde is on his way out. Femi Fani-Kayode too. That is typical of Bukola Saraki, everything he touches goes bad or perishes. It’s indeed a shame! Big shame at that.

The vituperations of the PDP in the state clearly suggest that there is a grand plan of the PDP to connive with their Sarakite elements in the APC to foment trouble in the state through the disruption of otherwise peaceful party activities by infiltrating the programmes with their thugs in a bid to spin the narrative of Governor AA is sponsoring violence as shamefully articulated by Ashaolu in his press release. This is a clear case of trying to “call the dog a bad name in order to hang it”. It’s however unfortunate and too late for them because Kwarans are wise now.

KII therefore gives a clean bill to Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq. We have known him since his emergence to be a gentleman who does not condone thuggery, violence and indecency. It’s obvious that the Governor has no hands in the event that occurred at the Banquet Hall. It was a clash between two factions which we believe was avoidable but left to degenerate to physical combat, with casualties on both sides.

We believe in the proactive measures the Governor has taken in confronting the situation headon. There is a ray of hope that peace and order would be restored in Kwara, State of Harmony with the responsive leadership Governor AbdulRazaq has provided. PDP elements who have never had the interest of the people in mind should understand that their years of political recklessness would no longer be entertained again in the state. Gone are the days of unleashing political thugs on perceived opponents with brazen audacity. Saraki who is the leader of the PDP in Kwara State should rather be grateful to Governor AbdulRazaq for reforming the political thugs he brewed into better persons.

Kwara Intelligentsia Initiative
8th of February, 2020


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