Kwara APC spokesman lied, Gbemi Saraki did not contact any Legislator over party registration — Ilorin West APC PRO


• Says party reg is a charade, fraud

Adewole Ibraheem, Caretaker Public Relations Officer, Ilorin West All Progressives Congress (APC) has described as unfounded claims by Alhaji Tajudeen Aro, Kwara APC Spokesman, that Minister of State for Transport, Senator Gbemisola Saraki lured a high-ranking Legislator to have her membership revalidation exercise done at her residence.

He said the Minister was already at her polling unit for the registration only to find out that registrars were not on ground.

Adewole described the party registration and revalidation exercise so far in Kwara State as a charade and fraud, while also calling for the intervention of the National Secretariat of the APC.

He meanwhile did not clarify whether the claim that the Minister only came home four times since appointment is false, but called Aro an hypocrite over the revelation.

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RE: Gbemi Saraki not in tune with Kwara realities: Ilorin West Public Relations Officer

Our attention was drawn to a disgraceful comment from the stable of the embattled Caretaker Publicity Secretary of Kwara All Progressives Congress, Alhaji Folaranmi Aro maligning the person of the Honorable Minister of State for Transport, Distinguished Senator Gbemisola Rukayyah Saraki on the charade witnessed at the ongoing registration and revalidation excercise in her polling unit 006 of Ajikobi Ward, Ilorin West Local Government Area.

It is regrettable that the person of the Hon. Minister has been a subject of ridicule by an asinine and cockeyed few in the minority at the Party level who has decided to go petty on issues surrounding her presence at her polling unit to enable her revalidate her membership upon her arrival in Kwara State.

Ordinarily, this does not come as a surprise to us, but it is instructive to correct the false claims that the Honorable Minister is not in tune with the happenings in her own political constituency, it is illogical, fallacious and inconsequential in its entirety. The embattled State PRO also went off point to claim that she has just been in the state four times since her appointment as Minister, This is a wanton display of Alhaji Aro’s high level of hypocrisy.

Recall the Honorable Minister was recently in Kwara to flagged off an Erosion and Flood Control Projects in Patigi local government of the state, a Federal Government Project that deserves commendation from all and sundry. She was also the facilitator of Transportation Institute situated in Asa Local Government of Kwara Central, a project that will not only boost the economic activities of its housing village/town, the local government and the state but also create thousand of direct and indirect jobs to the citizen of the state when completed. These are some of the laudable giant strides of the Honorable Minister in order to make the state an economic driven in the country.

That the Registration and Revalidation exercise witnessed in Kwara is a charade and fraud of the highest order is not a subject of debate, even the National Headquarters received several petitions from the State Party executive ably led by the State Caretaker Chairman, Hon. Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa regarding the hoarding of the registration materials in all the 193wards and 16local government in the state as evidences provided was acknowledged and subsequently acted upon by the highest organ of our great party at the National level.

The claim that hundreds of thousands of people have registered in the ongoing revalidation and registeration excercise of our Party in Kwara is unfounded. Notable Critical Stakeholders of the Party in the state particularly Ilorin west local government has been selectively secluded for revalidation; Prof. Shuaib Oba AbdulRaheem has countlessly visited his polling unit in the same Ajikobi Ward for his revalidation exercise but no registeration officers was available at the registeration point to get him revalidated which was widely reported in the media by the erudite Professor.

The claim that the Honorable Minister placed a call to a Legislator that her membership revalidation be done at her residence and was allegedly rejected was unfounded. For the record, The Honorable Minister was already present at her polling unit in line with the registration guidelines as she arrived her polling unit in preparation for her revalidation exercise at exactly on Saturday and no registeration officials were sighted to revalidate her membership. The Honorable Minister then saw the need to follow the Party’s communication protocol to lodge a complain to the State Caretaker Chairman, Hon. Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa of the absence of the registration officers at her polling unit and the complain of the people in the last two months of the registration as she promised to visit the Party Chairman and subsequently lodge complain to the National Headquarters of the party. As a law abiding citizen, She however called for calm among her teeming supporters and party faithfuls present to witness her revalidation excercise.

Like many other committed and supportive Critical Stakeholders of the party, Honorable Minister of State for Transport, Distinguished Senator Gbemisola Rukayyah Saraki has been supportive and committed to the party programmes and activities in the state as she recently donated a new befiting Secretariat to the Ilorin West local government axis of the party to ease the effective running of the Party’s affairs in the localities. It is however appalling that the embattled State PRO will descend so low to disparage the Honorable Minister by churning false information to the public to massage his paymaster’s ego.

Therefore, We the caretaker executives of the Ilorin West local government urge the National Secretariat of the party to see the need to intervene on our plight which the Honorable Minister has represented to enable our teeming members revalidate their membership and also intending members to register in line with our goals to have more members to grow our party ahead of any forthcoming elections.

Finally, We appeal to the general public to see this phase as part of the internal wrangling within the party folds which is part of the moves in order to stregthen the internal democracy of our great party from dissidents that will definitely be moved out of the party in due course.

Adewole Ibraheem
Caretaker Public Relation Officer,
Ilorin West Local Government.


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