Eid-el-Fitr: Waziri Gobir urges Muslims to remain steadfast in faith


Chairman, Gobir Organization Foundation, Waziri Yakubu Gobir has congratulated muslim faithfuls on the completion of this year’s Ramadan as he urged them to remain steadfast in their acts of worship as they were during the Holy Month.

Waziri Gobir in a congratulatory statement signed by the Foundation’s Press Secretary Abdulwahab Tajudeen, also enjoined Muslims in Kwara and Nigeria as a whole to call on Allah to rid the country of insecurity, economic hardship and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Waziri Gobir added that we should profess love and extend support to everyone around us regardless of their creed. He noted that people should not stop “social etiquette” such as sharing gifts and food items with neighbours and the vulnerable to achieve balance in the society.

“We are grateful that we are alive to witness the end of Ramadan. May Allah accept our prayers as an act of worship. As a people, we should not forget the good virtues imbibed during the Holy month by living by them now and always.”

“We should know that there is no chosen time for good deeds, and as such, we should strive every day of our lives to be better morally and spiritually.”

“As the country searches for peace and stability, Kwarans in particular, regardless of religious and political affiliations should seize the grace of this period to pray for the state to be peaceful and progressive.

“I also implore everyone to adhere to all the medical advisories in order to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic quickly.”

“Eid Mubarak!”


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