2023: Kwara North gubernatorial agenda causes division, heated exchanges between PDP stakeholders


Developments of the past few days are painting Kwara State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as a house divided against itself, The Ravens NG reports.

With 2023 fast approaching, agitations by a section of PDP stakeholders for a Kwara North gubernatorial agenda are causing division and generating heated exchanges within the ranks of the party.

Observers said the ripples generated by the Kwara North 2023 agenda mean more work for the Baraje led Reconciliation Committee and the Saraki led National Reconciliation Committee.

Championing the Kwara North 2023 agenda cause are PDP stakeholders from Kwara South and Kwara North, with a subgroup of the party, Efura in the centre of the whole matter.

These pro-Kwara North 2023 stakeholders have held various gatherings where they urged members of the public to vote any party that presents a Kwara North candidate come 2023.

In a letter addressed to Alhaji Jimoh Adeshina, PDP Senatorial Chairman, Kwara Central which was equally copied to Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, Alhaji Kola Shittu, Kwara PDP Chairman, Alhaji Ọba Ajara, Alhaji Kawu Baraje and Professor Abubakar Suleiman, some concerned PDP stalwarts from Kwara Central however tackled those calling for Kwara North 2023 agenda.

They accused them of being too desperate on the agenda that they now make anti-party comments and engage in activities that are not in the interest of the party.

According to them, attempts by Efura to instigate partymen on the agenda is a direct insult to all PDP faithful in Kwara Central.

Also in the letter, the concerned stakeholders doubted that the PDP will emerge victorious if a candidate from Kwara North is pitted against incumbent Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq.

“We write as loyal party members and stakeholders of PDP from the Kwara Central senatorial district to bring to your attention what we see as the emerging conspiracy by the two other districts, Kwara North and South against Kwara Central on the issue of governorship in 2023.

“We have watched with absolute patience, but with disappointment the campaign tainted and driven with undisguised conspiracy by some party members in the two other districts against the Kwara Central. The manner and approach with which this was being done call to question the commitment of this category of party members to the general progress and well-being of PDP in Kwara State,” the letter read in part.

“Of particular note is a recent radio program sponsored and anchored by the so-called ‘Efura Group’ within the party calling on the people of Kwara State to support any party that cedes its governorship ticket to the Kwara North. This Efura Group which is dominated by party members from Kwara South appeared to be crying more than the bereaved, and their call for people to support any party that gives ticket to Kwara North revealed their true intentions. Or how else do we reconcile those who claimed to be loyal PDP members calling on people to support ANY PARTY that gives ticket to a particular district. In other words, the Efura Group is saying that if the opposition gives ticket to Kwara North and our party doesn’t, then the people should support the opposition. What other proof of anti-party do we need other than this? Or are they trying to blackmail the party into towing a predetermined path that would most likely weaken its chances at the polls?

“In any case, how does this call for zoning make sense at this time, considering that the sitting governor is from Kwara Central. Strategy wise, giving the PDP ticket to Kwara North in 2023 would be a heavy gamble, unless the incumbent who is from Central would not be on the ballot. It will be very difficult to convince the emirate people to support a candidate from another district against one of their own, no matter how bad we think he is performing. After all, they are first and foremost EMIRATE PEOPLE BEFORE THEY ARE PARTY MEMBERS.”

In what appears to be a refutation, another subgroup within the PDP, Kwara North PDP Equity Forum warned the party leadership of the consequences of not ceding the 2023 gubernatorial ticket to Kwara North, saying anything contrary to that is descending to the level of the wild.

The statement was jointly signed by Hon. Usman Adamu, Hon. Salihu Mohammed, Hon. Haruna Mohammed Likpata, Comrade. Nura Muhammad, Comrade Abdullahi Galadima, Comrade Abdulaziz Suleiman, Comrade Ishiaku Ibrahim, Comrade Abdulrauf Iyanda, Comrade Abdulmumin Mohammed and Comrade Joseph Isah Bishe.

“Like all other states in Nigeria, Kwara State comprises three Senatorial zones with equal constitutional opportunities. For any state to attain peace and development, the powers and privileges available to citizens as provided for in the Constitution should be zoned and to rotate within and amongst the Senatorial divides based on principles of justice, equity, fairness and mutual respect,” according to the statement.

“All the messengers of God almighty preached that no one is a true believer unless he/she loves for the other fellow what he loves for himself. It’s only through practicalizing such a mindset that mutual trust, peace and development could be guaranteed. The principle of survival of the fittest belongs only to the wild.

“Mankind being endowed with intellect and guided through the scriptures must operate at a much higher level of justice, equity and fairness. To do anything contrary is to descend to the level of the wild.”

Since the return to democracy in 1999, no Kwara North indigene has ruled the state. Kwara Central has had three persons; while Kwara South has had one person.


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