It’s time we declared war against insecurity – NANS Kwara


The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Kwara State chapter has said that it’s high time Nigerians declared war against insecurity.

The student body made this statement at a press conference organised at Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin Saturday, June 12 in commemoration of Democracy Day.

Speaking at the press conference, Chairman, NANS Kwara, Saleeman Yusuf Issah decried the alarming rate of insecurity in the country, noting we must all rise up to occasion to curb it.

“However, it is no gainsaying that Nigeria has turned to a pressure cooker of internal conflict and generalized violence which must be addressed urgently. This has to do with reenforcing localized systems and country-wide pattern of violence, many of which are seemingly spinning out of control,” he said.

“Recently, insecurity, banditry and kidnapping have been a major and prevailing challenges facing Nigeria. As such, there is a high level of crime throughout the country which include, but not limited to, armed robbery, kidnapping for ransom, home invasions, carjacking and violent assault; it is not that it has not been there before or that it would not be even in best times, but the truth is; it has gone beyond tolerable levels.

“In fact, in today’s Nigeria education, matters of insecurity have become topical issues. Insecurity in tertiary institutions is a social problem that cannot be over-emphasized because of its far-reaching implications and dire consequences on education, the economy and society in general. It is an issue that should be seriously tackled as Nigerians endeavour to forge a strong, just, democratic and egalitarian society.

“Apparently, insecurity begets danger as well as destruction. As such, it is high time we stepped on our toes and declare war against it, for it is bedeviling the growth and development of our dear country.”

The Chairman appreciated the Kwara State government for its numerous interventions in tackling the challenge of insecurity, urging other state governments to emulate Kwara.

Issah also called on the Inspector General of Police to direct all Commissioners of Police to establish a students-police relations committee to curb insecurity on campuses.

“We appreciate Kwara state government for deeming it fit to recruit young vibrant souls as community police officers. The recruitment will serve as helping hands to the Nigerian Police Force as a way to tighten securities in the rural areas. Also, we appreciate the Government of Kwara state for the vehicles recently donated to the security outlets in the state, this will help the securities to easily mobilize their officers to places of emergency. As such, we urge other state governors to emulate the patriotic move by the Government of Kwara.

“It is on this note we hereby call on our government – both state and federal level, to embark on finding solutions and ways to help us curb this ugly menace ravaging the entire country. They should try and breach the gap of security intelligence that exist between the various security agencies and ordinary citizens in the country, and at the same time provide ICT innovation that can be used to detect any form of security threats.

“To make our campuses free from crises and insecurities, we urge the Inspector General of Police to direct all Commissioner for Police to establish student-police relations committee.

“Moreover, it is important to note that if we are to enjoy peace and tranquility in this country, creating jobs, improving standard of living, enhancing the economy, and developing infrastructures by federal and state governments respectively should be prioritised utmostly.”


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