The lover of mekunu (LOM) @ 52: May this shade never wither off


There is no how callous the world’s inhabitants are, there are going to be a few people who will always make a positive difference. People who will commit themselves to doing good for the comfort of humanity– these sets of people are why the world wears a beautiful look.

Since nobody is destined to have it all, everybody needs one another to live. The ‘have’ will at a point in time need the assistance of the ‘have not’, and vice versa. However, those who have are required to be dutiful to those with nothing so that there will be no one in the abode of distress, but only a few of those whom Allah has enriched their banks are seeing to the lives battling abject hardship. What has come up to them, they are shying away from the commandment of their Lord. Well, it should bother none, for God has said: “He (Allah) guides aright whosoever He (Allah) wishes”.

Glory be to the mighty God for counting the ‘lover of Mekunu (LOM)’, Mallam Lukman Olayiwola Mustapha amongst those guided to the path of those whom He is pleased with. Don’t ask me how I arrived at that submission, you can take a closer survey of the man in question and bring forth your points of view. When you are always ready to see to the plight of your neighbors, you are subservient to your Lord. You can check one of the sound hadiths as contained in the Sahih Bukhari where Muslims are enjoined to make good utterances or be quiet; be kind to visitors and neighbors. And in another narration, we have it that “love for your brother(s) that which you love for yourself”, these divine statements are LOM’s watchwords. He is a man whose solace rests upon comforting the uncomfortable. No one runs to Mallam Lukman in tears except that he/she leaves with tears of joy, for his or her worries shall become things of the past.

Akanbi remains a man who gives with the right hand and the left hand would be unaware of what the right hand is gifting out. Is that not in line with the Message passed unto us by Allah’s Messenger, Muhammad? Even though there is nothing wrong if your good deeds are known to another party(ies) provided they are devoid of ostentatious acts. The two acts are rewardable.

LOM finds bliss in impacting lives positively, this is what he is known for. Indeed, he is a shade to numerous if not all.

There is nothing expected of us for this shade than to always remember him in our prayer. True-tall trees are fictitiously believed, do not stay long in the forest, whether true or not, may such assertion never be LOM’s portion. LOM is a shade, may it never wither off. His benevolence has eschewed many from the slavery of poverty, he shall not be denied of the rewards for such act. May Allah protects him, preserves him upon goodness, and grants him bliss. He shall triumph, thrive, and prosper in his endeavors. May no evil befall the man of the masses and may Allah endows him with long life coupled with sound health. HAPPY 52 BIRTHDAY TO OUR SHADE, THIS SHADE WILL NEVER WITHER OFF.



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