August 2021: Kwara gets N4.3bn federal allocation


Kwara State Government has received the sum of N4,313,554,832.86 as federal allocation for the month of August 2021, a statement from the Ministry of Finance said on Wednesday.

The statement explained that, ”The allocation comprises statutory revenue allocation SRA (Gross) of N3,560,049,341.14; deductions (loans) of N672,332,412.51; SRA (Net):N2,887,716,928.63 Value Added Tax (VAT) of N1,412,643,896.40 and Exchange Gain Difference of N13,194,007.83.”

The statement also stated that the 16 local government councils of the state got a total sum of N2,977,927,751.25 as federal allocation for the month of August.

The figures comprise SRA (Gross) N2,348,093,857.09; Deductions N175,356,577.30; SRA (Net) N2,172,737,279.79; VAT N796,507,626.35 and Exchange Gain Difference N8,682,845.11.


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