Gobir Organization set to organise medical outreach for Gambari Community


The health of a people is at the centre of their development. Minor illnesses can keep breadwinners away from work for many days, while chronic disorders result in illnesses and deaths, some rather suddenly. Malaria, diarrheal diseases, acute respiratory diseases are common causes of ill-health. Hypertension and related cardiac diseases, and diabetes mellitus are in epidemic proportions. Among children, helminthic infestations are very common and result in malnutrition and difficulty with learning. Many pregnant women have anaemia, and this can lead to small babies or even death of the foetus.

Despite the acknowledged importance of health, many are unable to seek prompt attention due to ignorance and poverty. Some also complain of waste of time at health centres and poor attitude of workers. Government and non-governmental organizations are involved in the provision of health care worldwide because none can do it alone. Collaboration is always necessary.

To this end, Gobir Organization Foundation, Balogun Gambari Development Association and Ilorin Emirate Medical Doctors through Gobir Health Fund are collaborating to:

1. Create awareness of common diseases and the need for routine medical checks.

2. Diagnose and treat minor illnesses.

3. Screen for diabetes mellitus and hypertension and give appropriate advice and emergency treatment.

4. Deworm 1000 school-aged children.

5. Give hematinics to all pregnant women.

More than 40 volunteers will be on the ground to attend to patients.

During the two-day outreach, 1000 doses of WHO-recommended deworming drug will be given to be swallowed on the spot and observed by health workers, distribute 1000 doses of folic acid and ferrous tablets, treat minor illnesses like malaria, dysentery and diarrhoea; do random blood sugar screening and distribute drugs for those who are already on treatment for diabetes, measure blood pressure and offer emergency treatment for hypertension and refer all those who need referrals.

The two days event will hold at Gobir Compound, Awodi, Gambari, Ilorin, Kwara State, on Saturday, September 25 and Sunday, September 26, 2021, respectively. Registration starts at 10 am daily.


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