Kwara govt announces resolve to appeal judgement on TIC


The Kwara State government has announced its resolve to appeal the judgement declaring its constitution of Transition Implementation Committee (TIC) illegal and an executive rascality.

The judgment was in respect of the case filed by the incorporated Trustee of the Elites Network for Sustainable Development delivered on Friday, October 8.

“We wish to state that the reasoning of the trial judge is not a finality on the issue as it is subject to appeals at the higher benches, up to the Supreme Court. This allowance is guaranteed under our law,” Salman Jawondo, Attorney General of Kwara State, said in a short release announcing the decision.

“In exercise of its right of appeal as enshrined under the 1999 Constitution as amended, the state government intends to explore that right. It will also, as allowed under the law, seek immediate stay of execution of the judgment of the trial court.”


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