KP Hostel Allocation: NANS seeks N30m budget from Kwara govt


The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Kwara State Axis has requested the Kwara State Government to subsidize Kwara State Polytechnic hostel fee with the sum of N30 million.

In a statement jointly signed by Comrade Saleeman Yusuf Issah, Chairman and Comrade Yusuf Mutiu Olaitan, Publicity Secretary, the student group explained that the current situation of the hostel and its maintainance may be too cumbersome for the school management.

“A subsidy from the government will ease the burdens off the shoulders of students,” it said.

“The analysis privy to NANS has established the huge investment by the management of the polytechnic in a bid to resuscitate the hostels which had been completely jettisoned for quite a while. Further analysis and the expected expenditure to be incurred by the management for the smooth and effective running of the hostels has however put the polytechnic management in a tight corner for further reduction as requested by NANS.

“The hostel accommodation has three thousand (3000) bed spaces, a further reduction of five thousand will cost the polytechnic 15 million naira and a reduction of ten thousand will amount to 30 million naira, a fee earmarked for the payment of salary for the engaged portal, cleaner and gardner for the maintenance of the hostels. Hence, the call for government’s intervention through subsidy. We believed the government can reimbursed the management the deficiency that will come as a result of the reduction.

“NANS Kwara then seek for further magnanimities from the government to help the management reduce the fee from N35,000 to either N25,000, or at least, N30,000. As a responsive student representative in Kwara. After a series of consultations with the stakeholders and an on-the-spot assessment of the said hostels, NANS wishes to seek the intervention of the Kwara State Government, led by our amiable Father, who has since his inception in office been helping students across various levels in Kwara State, to once again stretch his magnanimous hands to students of Kwara State Polytechnic by subsidizing the price of the hostels for students, and further reduce the price of the hostel from N35,000 to N25,000 or N30,000 for student affordability and lessen the parent’s burden.

“Meanwhile, the leadership of NANS Kwara seriously hopes that the Kwara State Governor, Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq will show his magnanimity side to Nigerian students in Kwara once more as he has been doing since his emergence in office.”


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