Beki Mashood AbdulQuadri makes list as The Electoral College graduates 7th cohort


A young leading aspirant for the seat of Ilorin North/West in the Kwara State House of Assembly under the All Progressives Congress (APC), Hon. Beki Mashood AbdulQuadri (BMA), has made the list of 100 graduates of the 7th cohort of The Electoral College.

The Electoral College, Nigeria is a non-partisan/non-governmental initiative of The Emerging Leaders Advancement Forum (TELAF) that is the brainchild of a few young Nigerians borne out of a void of ideological democracy in Nigeria.

BMA has now earned a Certificate in Politeracy and Governance from the distinguished college.

Speaking with The Ravens NG, the young politician promised to tap into key values learned during the course and use them to better and accelerate the growth of his constituency if elected to the state House of Assembly.

Initiators of the Electoral College of Nigeria all participated in pre and post 2019 elections as candidates, observers and voting Nigerians, and regardless of their locations within the country, the following things were prevalent poor Civic Education, lack of trust for the system, political candidates, rarely understood the positions they contested for, party affiliations were placed above governance, voters apathy.

It is in response to an urgent need of not only the electorate, candidates, and political parties but a need for good governance that the idea of The Electoral College of Nigeria was conceived.


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