I’ve never been a Ronaldo fan – Obi Mikel


By Yusuf Mutiu

Ex Chelsea midfielder, Mikel Obi has weighed in on Cristiano Ronaldo’s sore situation with Manchester United.

After months of controversy with Manchester United’s new boss, Erik Ten Hag, the Portuguese striker left Manchester United on a mutual consent after he granted an interview with TalkTv’s Piers Morgan where he took swipes at Manchester United and the Dutch coach.

The Former Super Eagles’ captain believe that Ronaldo’s off field antics can make it difficult for clubs around Europe to want to have him on their books.

‘I’ve never been a Ronaldo fan really,’ the former Nigeria captain told Dubai Eye.

‘For me, when a player has so much ego, I don’t really get it. He’s never been one of my favourite players and that’s why I always go for Messi really.’

‘I mean, if someone comes out and gives such an interview, what makes you think, if he signs for your club in January, he won’t do the same?’.

Despite his disappointment with Ronaldo’s actions, the 35-year-old conceded that the Portugal captain will always have suitors ready to sign him due to his immense talent.

‘Listen, he is Cristiano Ronaldo; he’s one of the greatest players ever to have played the game. I think he’s going to get another club in January and continue his football career.

‘But for me, it’s just a horrible scenario, he’s done so much for the club, and to see it end this way, it’s just horrible. On his part really, I would say that interview shouldn’t have been done, wrong timing as well.

‘It’s just not right. It doesn’t look right for such a player that has achieved so much in the game.’


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