Kwarans should reject APC, PDP money politics, says Hakeem Lawal


Hakeem Oladimeji Lawal, gubernatorial candidate of the Social Democratic Party in Kwara state has cautioned the people of Kwara state to stay away from politicians who are keen on spending money, making it known that they’re only around to buy the present and future of our children.

He made this known yesterday during the Social Democratic Party’s tour to Asa local government area of Kwara state which had the presence of Kwara Central Senatorial and Ilorin West/Asa House of Reps candidates, Dr. Ridwanullai Apaokagi and Alh. Abayomi Adisa respectively.

Lawal said “We’re now at a time where everybody is laying claim to being a lover of the masses, virtually all politicians are now mekunu something or the other, yet the masses are hungry, they’re unhappy and being severely cheated.

“That’s nothing but a pointer that all the so-called lovers of mekunu are nothing but liars and deceivers, who only tricks the masses with stipends in exchange for the present and future of their children.”

He added that “with everybody mouthing to love the masses, we ought to have drastically reduced the woes and sufferings of the masses, sadly successive governments at all levels have done nothing than increase the woes of the masses.

“We perfectly understand the fact that whoever places the interest of the masses first, will always see God answering all their request.”

According to him, “we’ve always prioritized and aligned with the interest of the masses, that’s the cardinal reason why we left our former party, which reneged on our vows with the masses and that’s what brought us to this present destination.

“No sincere lover of the masses, will be at peace with the present unending fuel queues, cash shortage, growing insecurity, unemployment, decaying infrastructure, poor healthcare, uncompetitive educational sector among others,” he concluded.

Again, Lawal explain wasn’t the SDP team weren’t in the race because they’re the richest, not because they had a monopoly of wisdom, but because they had the belief the people especially the masses deserved a deal.

“It is unacceptable to us, a situation where Asa LG with its huge and largely untapped potential lacks access road, domestic water, quality healthcare, and educational facilities.

“A community without network service will find it hard to compete with its competitors, as the global economy is largely driven by Information technology.

“We’ll ensure all necessary amenities are brought closer to you, we want to stop the tradition of traveling down to Ilorin before accessing basic needs and infrastructure.

“We’re here to take over the mantle of leadership on behalf of the masses, we’ll thus govern with the fear of God, justice, fairness, and equity” pledged, he concluded.

Speaking on behalf of the host community, Baale Otte said, “Governor Mohammed Lawal loved Otte to a fault, he gave us a special place in his government, his impacts are scattered across this town, so your coming here is nothing but an opportunity for us to repay the tremendous good and Favour your father did us.

“We’re rest assured that as a true born son of late Mohammed Lawal, you’ll not only takeover the mantle from where your father stopped, but you’ll improve on it”

Speaking in the same vein, Daudu Ballah waxed lyrical while emphasizing the importance of politicians showing undiluted love to the less privileged, stressing that whoever shows genuine love to the masses will always receive enviable blessings from the Almighty.

“The records of your late father while governing Kwara State remains unmatched till date, he was a lover of the masses to a fault, he was a champion of the masses cause extraordinary and that’s why almost 20 years after he left office, testimonials of his good deeds are still on the lips of all and sundry, even when he died almost 15 years ago.

“Today, our community Mosque started by your father while in government has remained uncompleted to date. We are expectant of several government assistance, we’re hopeful that with you at the helms of affairs, our plight will be sincerely and swiftly attended under your governorship” he stated.


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