Building The Future pays 100 pupils tuition fee


An Ilorin based group, Building the Future has, on Monday 20th of January, 2023, paid tuition fees of hundred pupils across three selected schools in Ilorin Metropolis.

The group identified education as an important path to take in building a productive future, hence, the intervention.

The team lead of the group, Comr. Tajudeen Habeeb, described the intervention as a “contribution to the future”.

In a statement released to the public, the team lead said, “Building The Future is a conglomerate of young but visionary youth who are striving hard to see our society in good shape. It’s not that we are wealthy as a group, but we know that our younger ones need encouragement in their academic sojourns and that’s why we have taken this intervention upon ourselves as a contribution to the future which we believe will be bright.

“We know the livelihood situations in the country and how difficult it is for some parents to cater for basic needs of their wards and it’s in that regard that we have intervened within our little capacity. This is an intervention we hope to sustain for a very long time.

“We have started this intervention for the first time and 100 pupils benefitted from three selected schools, pupils were drawn from these selected schools: LGEA Adeta A and B Primary School; Solagberu LGEA Model School, Ajikobi; and Warrah LGEA Model School, Warrah Oja.

It will interest the public to know that the group didn’t choose one beneficiary itself, it was left to the school management to provide pupils who are yet to pay the fees, with the aims that transparency will take the front seat in our dealing, and also, to be assured that the beneficiaries will be pupils that will be genuinely in need of it.

We hope that the little we have done this time will make positive impacts on the lives of the beneficiaries as we are committed to do more for our community because it’s only through programs and interventions like this we can BUILD THE FUTURE”, the statement read.

Team lead, Comr. Tajudeen Habeeb (Tallest)

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