Setbacks as NLC Northern and South-West chapters withdraw from strike


Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) planned nationwide strike on Wednesday has been derailed since the union appears divided as the chapters from the South-West and the Northern states withdraw from the intended industrial action.

It was gathered that labour union members in the South-West and Northern states have decided to end the planned industrial action.

This is because of the alleged politicisation of the strike, which is in objection to the removal of fuel subsidies and has resulted in a rise in the price of the product.

Through one of its spokespersons, Bayo Onanuga, the All Progressives Congress (APC) have also accused the NLC National chairman, Joe Ajaero, and members of the TUC of playing politics with the removal of the petrol subsidy and seeking to undermine the newly elected government with the scheduled strike.

Since the NLC stated that it intended to strike in protest over the removal of the petrol subsidy, the union and the leaders of organised labour have been under fire from various organisations and people, who claim that they should instead negotiate with the government.


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