Former NSA, Dasuki welcomes newborn, six months after freedom from incarceration


Former National Security Adviser (NSA) under the Jonathan led administration, Sambo Dasuki, last Friday, 12, June 2020 welcomed a newborn baby from his second wife, six months after getting freedom from incarceration.

Mr Dasuki was detained in the custody of the Department of the State Security Services, SSS, over an alleged $2bn arms procurement scandal since December 2015. However, he has since regained freedom on 24, December 2019 after public outcry.

The Ravens learnt that the newborn baby is the third child from Mr Dasuki’s second wife. The former NSA was reported to have divorced his first wife, who also had three children for him.

Findings by The Ravens show that prisoners are given the benefit of staying privately with a person of their choice at times. These choice persons are usually family members or close associates.

It is yet to be clear how Mr Dasuki made this feat, it is most likely that he benefitted from this gesture to have welcomed a newborn in such a short period after his release.


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