COVID-19: Football viewing centres should remain shut down – Kwara Govt


• As seized motorcycles, other items are to be returned

By Usman Sulyman

The Kwara State government has reiterated that football viewing centres would remain shut down against the background of the upcoming English Premier League, saying that opening such facilities could help in the spike of community transmission.

Rafiu Ajakaye, Chief Press Secretary to the Governor and Spokesman, Kwara State Technical Committee on COVID-19 made this disclosure in a press statement dated 16, June 2020.

According to him, “The government is aware that the English Premier League commences tomorrow, Wednesday, June 17th. This is to state clearly that viewing centres are not allowed to open under any guise during this pandemic. Doing so will actively promote the spread of the virus, endanger people’s lives, and further stretch public resources to the limit.

“The government fully appreciates and apologises for the inconveniences this restriction means for some businesses and football enthusiasts. However, it has a duty to ensure that lives are protected. This cannot be compromised. The government similarly warns against mass gatherings (crowded weddings/clubbing/partying) of any kind at this time. Violators shall come under the full weight of the Kwara State Infectious Diseases Regulations 2020.

Ajakaye also revealed the decision of the government to return all seized items by security officers in the course of enforcing the lockdown order to their owners, noting that the government does not want to further worsen their economic conditions.

“We commend the security agencies for their good work during and after the lockdown. They did and are still doing a great job, and the government is grateful to them. The seizure of motorcycles and other items at that time was a lawful way of enforcing compliance with safety measures.

“Following the relaxation of the lockdown, however, the government hereby directs immediate and unconditional release of those motorcycles and other items to their owners so as not to worsen the socioeconomic hardships that the pandemic has already imposed at global, national, state, and individual levels”, he explained.


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