Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq: Weathering all odds


By Yusuf Mubaraq Authority

A government that prioritises public opinions and works on the same pedestal to drive home its key manifestoes won’t be far away from making success in service delivery.

Without ambiguity, I can say we are in for a new turn around in this dispensation through optimal representation, qualitative and people-oriented works that the governor is giving to the society.

It’s not unclear the state of things when the governor took over the affairs of the state in juxtaposition with the current realities. It will be hypocritical to continue to play blame games when the realities are visible to the blind and audible to the deaf.

My position about the government has always been constructive, even in my criticism of the administration.

I believe it’s a driven force to propel the government to do more in which the government is not leaving any stone unturned.

I had some time faulted the composition of the governor’s cabinet. I believed it should be all-encompassing than what we have, and I equally proposed ‘reshuffling’ as a way of ameliorating the lapses.

To my surprise, I read it yesterday in the news about the minor reshuffling in His Excellency’s cabinet. I can’t but commend him on such move and many to come. He’s indeed a listening leader who premise his administration on the needs and wants of his subjects.

With the current happenings, the governor has not only demystified the rumours that he’s an ‘opportunist’, but also went ahead to prove his charismatic cum administrative experiences as a foremost player in the public and private sectors.

If I may ask, what are the indices used in measuring an ‘opportunist’? Is it a man that strived hard to be where he’s today on popular mandate? Or a conscious and conscientious man who despite what he met continues to burst the bubbles of each and everyone in Kwara? What exactly is your take on being an opportunist?

When his government came on board, in fulfilment of his numerous campaign promises, he made a balanced appointment devoid of ethnic biases and sentiments infiltration.

In over five decades of the state’s existence, this current administration remains the only administration that prioritises women inclusion in politics and governance, a pointer to the right direction for our dear state.

If we are to go by decent politics, devoid of sentiment and parochialism, the commissioners and by extension the whole of the governor’s cabinets have performed and are performing beyond expectations, though not disregarding noise from some quarters and it’s quite necessary for our thriving democracy. There will always be dissenting opinions, no matter how good a government seems to be.

In conclusion, if we are to judge by what we met and where we are now if justice won’t be denied, the government should be given some positive appraisals for them to continue to do more in service to God and humanity.

My stay in Ilorin further allowed me to measure the government works and come to the present conclusion. As we match towards more prosperity, I fervently pray for the success of the current administration.

Mubaraq writes from Ilorin, Nigeria. You can reach him via 08085427244.


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