CELF 2020: Kwara senators dole out scholarship for Fellows


The lawmakers representing the three senatorial districts of Kwara State at the Red Chambers have promised to support the forthcoming 2020 Countryside Emerging Leaders Fellowship (CELF) project by providing scholarship for nine Fellows.

The lawmakers are: Senator Ibrahim Yahya Oloriegbe of Kwara Central; Senator Sadiq Umar of Kwara North and Senator Lola Ashiru of Kwara South.

Each of these legislators pledged to facilitate three scholarship each, while showering encomiums on the organisers of the project.

The pledge was made yesterday at a meeting facilitated by Senator Oloriegbe in his office in Abuja, the nation’s capital with representatives of the CELF, Mr Lawal Olohungbebe, convener and Mr Umar Jimada Bologi, member, Advisory Council.

In his remark, Oloriegbe said he was most excited by the scholarship opportunities embedded in the CELF programme.

According to him, “The fact that some of these Fellows are getting scholarships is a great feat. That means the youths in rural Kwara will also have the rare opportunity to become informed and productive.”

For his part, Pharmacist Umar of Kwara North said what impresses him about the initiative was that the entrepreneural skills the fellows will acquire, adding that it would be tailored towards harnessing the resources in the rural areas.

“If we have more of this community-based intervention, there will be myriad of platforms through which our youths can grow,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Architect Ashiru of Kwara South was not able to grace the meeting due to other commitments.

The Ravens, however, learnt that his colleagues made the pledge of his behalf.

Expressing appreciation on behalf of the CELF organisers, Alhaji Bologi, member, Advisory Council, thanked the senators for their undisguised commitment to supporting community development initiatives and interventions.

“What we need from you, the senators, is far beyond financial assistance. We want you to support us morally as well. Your influence will go a long way in ensuring we have a sustainable platform for the youths in the state,” he said.


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