INTERVIEW: At Beauty Plus, we bring buildings to life – Beki, CEO Beauty Plus


Beki Mashood Abdulquadri, Chief Executive Officer of Beauty Plus Interiors and Exteriors Nigeria Limited, has disclosed that their job is to bring buildings of all design to life using state-of-the-art technology and know-how in painting and decorating.

Beauty Plus is a world-class decor company based in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital.

In this interview with The Ravens NG’s USMAN SULYMAN, Beki said his vision was to solve the problem of unemployment that is rife in the country without complicating it.

Read the full interview below:

Usman Sulyman: Give us a brief description of yourself and your business?

Beki Mashood: I am Beki Mashood Abdulquadri, the CEO and Co-Founder of Beauty Plus Interiors and Exteriors Nig. Ltd.

Beauty Plus Interiors and Exteriors Nig. Ltd. is a world-class interior and exterior decor company. At BPIEN, We bring buildings of all types to life, using state-of-the-art technology and know-how to paint whatever you want wherever you want. The drive behind Beauty Plus Interiors and Exteriors Nig. Ltd is the zeal to create job and contribute to booming the state and the national economy at large.

Usman Sulyman: Is Beauty plus Interiors and Exteriors Nig Ltd, a sole proprietor business or a partnership business?

Beki Mashood: A partnership business with a wonderful team.

Usman Sulyman: How did you generate your ideas and concept as regards your organisation?

Beki Mashood: It’s no rumour that unemployment has been the major problem of this country, our mentality (founders) to be a problem solver by creating jobs and not complicating the unemployment problem in Nigeria is the major push behind the founding of the Beauty Plus Interiors and Exteriors Nig. Ltd. Bringing together numerous skill we’ve individually acquired and added some more values to them.

Usman Sulyman: As the CEO, what do you think are your responsibilities to your organisation?

Beki Mashood: My responsibilities are not really much, God so good, the company is blessed with so many good hands. We’ve always work harmoniously in making decisions. What I can call my responsibility is to ensure there is teamwork. Which all the team member already understood.

Usman Sulyman: There are talks about advertising, marketing and the likes as being pivotal in moving a business forward. How do you go about publicity in your business?

Beki Mashood: Advertising and marketing are keys to thriving every business, the company have a natural marketer as one of her team members and also, as we all know that digital is the new oil. We are trying to go more digital in advertising and marketing our services to our targeted audience.

Though in a bigger picture, we are still not where we want to be yet, but I believe with our commitment and unrelenting efforts, we will be there soonest.

Usman Sulyman: There’s something, an extra tip that makes a business in all ramifications a step above other businesses. What makes your business unique?

Beki Mashood: We have many unique selling points, but one of the topmost of them all is superior customers service; we are always there for our customers. We give them peace of mind. They know they can count on us as we offer them quality services.

You can always visit our website: for feedback from our esteem customers for affirmation of this.

Usman Sulyman: Technology today has a great effect on businesses, it makes and mars some. How has it impacted your organisation?

Beki Mashood: I said it while answering a previous question, the organisation is trying as much as possible to go digital. We have a functional website –, this is to connect with every possible client across the world irrespective of location.

The organisation is working tirelessly to adapt to this technological-based world now, even Nigeria is moving toward that also. And we believe we will be there.

Usman Sulyman: Is beauty plus running local or National or a combination of both?

Beki Mashood: We’ve worked here in Kwara state and some other states in Nigeria too, Lagos, Ibadan, and Abuja. Also, we are not limited to those states, we can work anywhere in Nigeria. So I can say it’s the combination of both local and national.

The organisation will not be relenting anytime. We are working on some value addition to keeping us moving. But in 5-10 years by God’s grace, we will be at the top there and also be a motivation to other startups.

Usman Sulyman: Have you at some point thought about going global and dominating the business world?

Beki Mashood: Yes, every business will want to thrive as much as possible, ours is not an exception. Going global is one of our long-term goals.

For example, our company is into paint production, we want our paints to be recommended globally. So, definitely, going global is one of our goals. But it’s all about working hard and making it happen. The organisation is facing a lot of challenges; from financial health to client sourcing, friend-ability of the society to thrive business and many other.

Being faced with different challenges is something that’s expected, the approaches in tackling those challenges are the keys. So, the team are putting their all in tackling these challenges.

Usman Sulyman: So have you at a point had to decline offers of customers or turn them down?

Beki Mashood: There are some customers who wanted standard service delivery at a price that cannot match what they really want. We try to convince some of the value they will be getting meeting the demand of the company. At the point of negotiation, some clients do not feel comfortable with the pricing and we cannot lower the quality of service we offer either.

Usman Sulyman: What are your advice for others coming into the business world or newcomers so to say?

Beki Mashood: My simple advice for people who are coming into the business world is to come prepared, with new ideas and innovation. Truth be told, there is nothing new, we just need to improve on what has been done in the past. The zeal and ambition are very important. Without that, such person may be chased out easily.


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