LP charges security chiefs to ensure peace and stability


Muhammed Shaeed

The newly appointed security chiefs have been charged by the Labour Party (LP) to beef up the security of the country in a bid to tackle the insecurity that’s soiling the country.

The party’s national publicity secretary, Obiorah Ifoh, LP made this known in a statement on Tuesday. He stated that Labour Party was pleased with the commitment made by the new security chiefs to secure the country.

the statement reads, “the leadership of the Labour Party is pleased with the expressions by the nation’s security chiefs after Monday’s security meeting that they are going to work tirelessly to ensure that they accomplish the objective of securing our country and will establish peace and stability.

“Labour Party has no doubt about the capacity and capability of the present security chiefs but we think that Nigerians deserve action more than beautiful speeches and rhetorics as witnessed in the last administration.

“Labour Party would want to remind the security chiefs about some celebrated abductions that are still unresolved. More than 80 out of 264 Chibok school girls abducted since April 14, 2014, have spent over nine years in captivity.

“The issue of insecurity must always be a priority to any government because the primary responsibility of government is to ensure the security of lives and property. In fact, it is the right of every citizen as stated in chapter 4 of the 1999 constitution to enjoy security of life and property.

“Buhari-led APC government failed woefully in the area of providing security and we urge that primordial interest should be put aside. Only a secured nation can attract the much-needed investments to Nigeria.”


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