Council of Ulamau gives nod to commencement of Juma’at services in Kwara


The Kwara State Council of Ulamau has announced the reopening of Jumat Mosques across the state starting from Friday, 19, June 2020 after kicking against it earlier, The Ravens reports.

This announcement follows the approval of the Emir of Ilorin and Chairman, Kwara State Council of Chiefs, Alhaji Ibrahim Sulu-Gambari, after some deliberations with the COVID-19 Technical Committee under the chairmanship of the state deputy governor, Mr Kayode Alabi.

In a statement released by its Secretary, Hon Justice Salihu Olohuntoyin Mohammed, today, 16, June 2020, the Council made it known that the government has agreed in principle to fumigate Jumat mosques across the state in order to curtail the spread of coronavirus among worshippers.

“All ablution and toilet points in all our mosques in the state will remain open at all times. Provision of soaps, running water for the congregation to wash their hands properly before entering the mosque and the use of soap against the use of sanitizers has been approved.

“Council also accepted the use of face masks by all worshippers as well as two metres social and practical distancing must be strictly adhered to while observing all Solat as well as Jumat service”, the statement read.

Information available to The Ravens also show that female and children worshippers can also attend Juma’at services, but must strictly adhere to COVID-19 safety protocols. Also, all Chief Imams leading Juma’at services are to read short chapters of the Holy Quran to hasten the completion of the service within a reasonable period.

Salihu said: “However, all worshippers should leave the mosques immediately after solat and proceed to their respective homes for other activities such as supplications and reading of the Holy Quran.

The Council also appealed for strict compliance with the laid down regulations to support the government’s efforts in making Kwara State free from the COVID-19 disease.


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