Who will save Ibagun from epileptic electricity supply?


By Babatunde Qodri

Over the years, the state of electricity supply in Ibagun district has been distressingly poor. The power supply companies only derive undeserved delight from slamming exorbitant charges for the light the members of the district do not consume, and this has become unbearable for the people. The effect of this, in the long run, is palpable underdevelopment in the district.

It is inconceivable that despite the poor electricity supply, the district members have been under consistent threat to either pay crazy bills or have their light disconnected. This unfortunate situation refers to the year-long displeasure to which the community has been condemned. And efforts to put an end to this have not yielded positive results. Sadly, the members have no choice rather than resort to other power-generating means ( which are unaffordable to many). Perplexing!

However, Ibagun is the most populated district among the twelve districts that make up the Ilorin East Local Government entirely known for the population of about 40,000 inhabitants. This staggering number undoubtedly adds value to the population of Kwara State as it also contributes to the number of voters during elections. Ibagun district seconds Alanamu’s in terms of population.

That aside, it’s not a mistake to say that the youth in Ibagun are industrious, experienced and progressive. They form part of the Kwarans who are purpose-driven in what they do. These people seek solace in commercial businesses such as barbing, tailoring, welding, etc., and need consistent electricity supply to make move in their businesses. But it’s disheartening that the epileptic power supply in the district cannot give them the golden opportunity, thereby leading these promising people to seek sustenance from menial jobs. This, in more ways than one, has fueled the rate of unemployment in the state.

Incontestable is also the fact that the lack of stable electricity in the Ibagun district emblematizes government’s failure to redeem its election promises, having massively been helped by the youth that are now trapped in its misdoings.

Few months ago, the government proposed a one-day-on-one-day-off electricity formula in order to remedy the ugly situation. Yet, it seems that nothing serious has been put in place to stamp out the mess, and the urgent demand by the district members remains unattended to.

The implication of this, however, is manifest in the activities of the district, an unfortunate situation that has forced shop owners to worry while the house renters could not afford to experience the financial peace as they used to. Markets are messy, too. Unfortunately, no one wants to live and do business in places devoid of stable electricity supply. And this has resulted in massive migration of people to places where electricity is decent, thereby making the district somewhat forlorn. It’s unimaginable that those left in the Ibagun district even have to pay to have their phones charged.

My final take: The electricity supply in Ibagun district is nothing to write home about. Consistent supply of electricity, it’s inarguable, amplifies development; it is one of the ways a society can progress. That the Ibagun district is unfriendly to investors, companies and others is a testimony to the poor electricity which the district experiences. Apart from hindering the promising energy of the youth, this unfortunate situation is contributory to the underdevelopment of the district. Members of the Ibagun district, thus, call on the Kwara State government to see to this situation and come up with urgent strategies which can ensure the stability of electricity in the district. We are tired!


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