A tribute to LegalEagle, an amazing Amazon


By Yusuf Mubaraq Authority

I fancy meeting people, the oriented and the ones with class, who despite all odds have what to offer in their rich and ever bubbling ocean of wisdom and intellect. I have had setbacks in my pursuit for knowledge acquisitions and taste for meeting endowed being, so in the end, my hopes are fairly small.

As a young man, with tendencies for greatness and penchant for erudition, I keep pushing for excellence regardless of where I found it – the rich, poor, young, aged or what have you! The motive has been knowledge and exposure and not the personality of who will impact.

I met Titilope Tawakalt Anifowoshe long before I met her. Her appealing and ever conscious personality has been relayed to me years before our eventual meeting. Needless to say I have had a faint idea of who to meet long before I met her.

On 12th April, 2018 I saw a post on her Facebook handle where she’s to be a panelist alongside several intellectuals. The event is slated for 14th of April and the same day, a cousin of mine had a wedding ceremony, I was thrown into a fiasco of . I do not want to miss the wedding as well as I couldn’t risk the opportunity of meeting a lady I have longed so much to meet.

I reached a compromise, I settled to go for the wedding a day before the date so as to afford me the opportunity to seek excuse in order to be at Eagle’s event. The compromise worked.

On the said date, that I was to meet my long time crush and highly endowed advocate of good governance, Anifowoshe Titilope Tawakalt as I was at the event that was slated to hold at 10am at about 8am in the morning… You will be able to decipher my curiosity if you are a lover of erudition and versatility in a person, especially a lady.

We were not able to meet until after the whole program ended. I kept calling her number to no avail. She handled the discussion to the admiration of every attendee and the rest panelists were lost for words.

I was happy not to have wasted my precious time only to see a retarded entity.

After the whole program, I silently drew her attention to my side and the moment I introduced myself as AUTHORITY, she nearly swallowed me and with the affection shown that very day she gained a permanent space in my hallowed heart, something that lingers on till now and forever.

And today, the relationship built over the years has been rewarding and excellent. We have come a long way to be closer and did many exploits together.

Tawakalt is a shrewd writer, one of the earliest attributes of her that endeared her to me but which today, by virtue of her tight schedule or something I don’t really know, has been taken away. I pray she finds it back soonest.

An reputable humanitarian, with passion for growth and development of our communities, her resilience has brought about maximum changes into many communities within her reach and her intervention is of lifelong importance.

She’s an advocate of good governance and a major partaker in the struggle that liberated Kwarans from the shackles of the oppressors.
A radicalist, who speak to the power that be without minding whose ox is gored, driving home her points with modest radicalism. An activist and unionist with overbearing tendencies for creating an enabling environment for teeming youths amidst the conservative Nigerian society through her many advocacies.

Distinguished colleagues, join me to celebrate a dogged fighter and amazing Amazon amongst us.

As you add another year to your glorious years, may you find an eternal peace.

Happy birthday!


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