A Kwara with new look


By Basheer Luqman Olarewaju-Unique

There are several challenges in our society that can be solved majorly through civic learning (essentially the learning of civic sense) and civic participation at scale. Major challenges like traffic indiscipline, littering, not segregating garbage, open urination, not queuing up, defacing public assets, paying bribes, not paying taxes, not voting in elections and a general disrespect for the rule of law are all impossible for governments alone to solve. We need civic learning and civic participation at massive scale in our society to surmount these challenges.

There are two different kinds of people living around us — the first set are those who are always talking while the other part are those who are always acting. It is however, conspicuous for sane minds to see beyond the smokescreen of deception.

A time in the past, when average citizens could not enjoy the dividend of democracy without being/affiliated in the circle of ‘who-knows-who’ and deafening echo of leadership sharing our common patrimony remained unheard.

The emergence of this administration cannot be easily forgotten in the hearts of Kwarans and Nigerians as it was a dramatic overhaul of a long existing system that was craving for continuity to an embraced change by the masses.

The yearning of the masses about a year and half ago has been productive as manifestations of campaign promises by the progressive are being seen here and there. It would be difficult for sycophants to undermine the new look of the state in all ramifications.

Rising crimes. Human Trafficking. High rate of unemployment. Poor road networks. Bastardized health infrastructures. Lack of quality education and safe water for the poor in the state. Whose job is it to solve these problems?

For decades, the answer to that question has been simple: government. Thinking beyond the bottom line was considered unfocused or, even worse, a disservice to stakeholders — youth inclusive. Alas, government alone can’t do it; it takes all of us within our spheres of influence to collaborate and support the government in attaining the set goals and actualizing the vision.

More than anything else, people deserve a life with dignity and wellness and the government is conscious of the fact that providing such has to remain her priority. But this task cannot be the government’s alone. It has to be a larger collaboration between everyone in this state. Each individual’s contribution will add to overall improvement as we need to do this together.

There is no doubt that we are facing a crisis, and the government is taking it very seriously. To protect the health and wellbeing of our citizens, the Kwara Rebuilders has come to support the government in her activities to bring solace to the common citizens. We can’t keep talking alone and yet, be groaning in pain and anguish over what we lack in the society without an effort to make ourselves available to help the society. We walk the talk!

Together we can rebuild Kwara State. The state has worn a new regalia and it is definitely having new look. The narrative has changed which is even visible to the blind. The question of what about government. Its role has now shifted. Sometimes it is a community; sometimes it integrates all the players; sometimes it’s the family; sometimes it’s just one of many contributors to the solution. Sometimes it is just you and I. Sometimes all it has to do is provide a space for these to work.


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