Post-COVID-19: The only panacea is love


By Ibrahim Abdulganiy (Lanre Analyst)

The Chairman, Sobi 101.9 Fm, Mallam Lukman Olayiwola Mustapha (LOM) was noticeably caught up in a moment of effusiveness last weekend while hosting no fewer than eighty (80) Kwara youths in Ilorin, the state capital.

It wasn’t only a brainstorming moment but a cheerful one as the Rebirth Captain was amid enterprising, energetic, and vibrant young minds with creative ideas, intellect, and overflow of idealism.

LOM was caught up in that flow for a lot of good reasons. The brilliance, zeal, and perseverance by the attendants were certainly infectious, for anybody that missed it would anticipate for next rendezvous of such kind.

The search for post-COVID-19 recovery

With our eyes locked firmly on the economic stability of the populace before the outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19, it wouldn’t be out of place to say there is urgent need to rejig our norms. The unemployment rate is on the increase prior to COVID-19, and the outbreak of the virus has certainly worsen the situation as people keep loosing their jobs. Presently, governments are struggling to adjust their budget to suit the present reality as the economy continues to dwindle.

Although, some things are going on in the country today, that we can be proud of. But before we look at the very positive points, I think we must examine those aspects of governance and expectations that we are also not happy about. First, the time to have a systemic plan for the youth is now, what is the government doing about it? What have we saved from the rainy days for a dry period like this? Indeed, we have countless of such questions on the minds of our country’s citizens.

Meanwhile, that’s for the government, as we can’t take them out of the discussion. Now, what can we do as individuals to stimulate socio-economic recovery since government alone can’t do it all?

Early this year when the government was planning on how best to contain the Coronavirus before declaring total lockdown, I was among the few Kwarans that had an online group discussions with Mallam Lukman Mustapha on possible ways to support the downtrodden cum vulnerable during and after lockdown.

He said, “Naturally, unemployment is on the rise, biting the daily wage earners badly. Salary earners shouldn’t rejoice as the ability of government to meet her obligations is also threatened in an import-dependent economy like ours where the bulk of revenue is derived, mainly from crude oil. What can we do to at least return our state to the path of economic rehabilitation, recovery, and reconstruction?”

We accepted to make it two ways; provide a palliative during the lockdown and draft a strategic plan for Post-COVID-19 recovery.

In his benevolence, LOM distributed N15m worth of palliatives across the state to cushion the effect of lockdown and he is presently strategizing towards exploring the necessary resources in stimulating the Post-COVID-19 economic recovery.

The path to greatness

There is need to find the remarkable inspiration of patriotism and the love of our community, to better the lives of our people. No one is disputing the fact that Kwara is blessed with abundant natural and human resources, the only thing left is how to harness the resources.

In truism, there is great hope of a better future for the state with the stance of our youths and the only thing left is a platform that will assemble them to interact, network, and get the necessary support to attain the greatness.

And now that Mallam Lukman has met with young Kwarans in a convivial atmosphere, it is clear to all and sundry that he has devotedly kept at the process which he outlined, and we are witnessing green shoots of rebirth. To be sure, his rendezvous engaged, mentored, encouraged, and is ready to push Kwara youths to sucess in his little capacity. The journey might be a little bumpy and even consuming but as a visionary Kwaran, it is a path to greatness.

There is no single individual that is a paragon of perfection, but there are still people who stick out their necks for the good of their people. Thank God we have such a Rebirth Captain.

As we are combating the pandemic virus, the only panacea is love.

Show love today, share the love across! Be like LOM.


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