Saraki receives knocks over comment on election


Netizens have continued to rap former President of the Nigerian Senate, Dr Bukola Saraki over his recent comment on the 2019 Kwara State election, taunting him with different dismissive Whatsapp stickers.

The Ravens earlier reported that Dr Saraki had claimed that he chose not to challenge his electoral loss at the Tribunal despite ample evidence of irregularities bordering on the “use of state forces and other undemocratic means”.

Reacting to this, social media users carpeted the former Kwara State governor, noting he had no option than to accept defeat because Kwarans were tired of his fierce grip on the state.

A Whatsapp user, with the name, Activist, said, “This one (Saraki) too is talking about irregularities. Was it not evident that he was outrightly rejected?”

Also reacting, another handle, Abdulkareem O. Yusuf asserted: “Omo ase ni… Person wey no win his polling unit.”

“That was the freest and fairest election in the history of Kwara state in the last four decades! If that election was to run again for ten good times, the results would be damning each and every time!” Mohammed Suleiman posted.

Another social media user identified as Akindele said the former lawmaker was saying “rubbish”.

A Facebook user, Umar Abdulhameed Agaka commented thus: “He should have challenged the election where all the electorate spoke with one voice that he should go. Wallahi people of Kwara Central sent him packing after they voted for him for four consecutive times.”

Meanwhile, Elder Oyin Zubair, a popular community development practitioner and statesman wrote that he (Saraki) has not helped the development of law and electoral processes.

“Leave leader to shine na. That was what they told him. In fact leader won the election but Buhari instructed INEC to announce Oloriegbe,” Abdullanre75 wrote.

For his part, Aladie noted: “Somebody should tell Oga (Saraki) to just keep kwayet as e dey do. Nobody rigged him with votes, money or power during the last elections. It was just a pure revolution.

“When the good boys attempted shit with us at Alanamu 001, we ensured we got dem picked up by the security. Supo Ibrahim Ajia can testify as he came to intervene. We ensured the poll was a violent-free one.”

AdvocateAzeez, however, differed in his submission, saying that there were actually irregularities.

“Yes, the irregularities are real and genuine but Bukola Saraki did not come close to become the winner,” he wrote.


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