Amid looting in the state NAKSS sues for peace


National Association of Kwara State Students (NAKSS) has called on Kwara citizens to be law-abiding and stick to the tradition that Kwara is known for being a state of harmony.

This was revealed in a press statement signed by the National President of the association, Comrade Adisa Jaji Azeez.

It was earlier reported that on Friday, hoodlums attacked Airport Cargo Terminal and Kwara Agro Warehouses, where palliatives meant for vulnerable groups were stored.

The association enjoined Kwarans not to deviate from their peaceful nature and also charged the government to help curb the menace before getting out of hand.

NAKSS also condemned the looting of private businesses by the hoodlums and begged the security agents to be on their top gear in arresting the perpetrators.

Read the full press below:

Vandalism, Looting And Insecurity In The State: NAKSS Harps On Peace

For decades, Kwara State had been widely known to bear a symbol of unity, peace and harmony in our deeds and actions, even in the faces of different political, social and economic tensions. And at all times, maintaining mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence has always been our core objective and collective responsibility as a people.

The last 48 hours has shown a bit of deviation from our uncoloured peacekeeping characters due to some formidable challenges we are exposed to – by some hoodlums who are believed to be originally aliens.

The recent looting of warehouses, public and private businesses are believed to orchestrate due to the vulnerability imposed upon our national security structure, following the #EndSARS protests being staged across the Nigerian states.

While some progressives are strategizing on how sanity could be returned to the state and the country at large, few sadly resolved to take undue advantages of the insecurity in the country to vandalise and loot businesses of some investors in Kwara state.

Without mincing words, the burgling of the Airport Cargo Terminal and Kwara Agro Warehouses where palliatives meant for victims of recent rainstorms and other vulnerable in the state are kept, as the government was striving to put in place modalities to ensure transparency in its distribution, and even unwarrantable actions which took place at the Kwara Mall, resulting to the complete looting Shoprite, and other businesses yesterday 23rd of October 2020 is condemnable.

These actions we believe have left the security of the state in its vulnerable state, following the distrust of the people in the Policing system over a long period of extortion, human right violation, among other listed crimes. Ipso facto, the vulnerability of our security architecture is the raids and invasions our businesses have been exposed to, in the last 24hours.

We hold that the individuals whose businesses are joyfully looted are humans and tax-payers like you, who had gone through thick and thin and in some instances, taking bank loans to put all these together to make ends meet and by extension, contribute to the economic growth of the state.

However, looting vis-a-vis Insecurity is a feeling most people experience at least occasionally. Learning how to overcome moments when you feel insecure or the urge to loot can help you be more productive and seize valuable opportunities. The best of men is the one whose activities are considerate of other humans survival.

Amidst the current situation of the state and country, we appeal to our colleagues and other in the youthful brackets to desist from any act capable of bringing people and society down; eschew from joining thievery demonstrations which could lead to breaching of peace in the state.

Let’s always be mindful of the fact that maintaining peace and order remains the collective responsibility of every single person. In all ramifications, let’s remain calm, law-abiding and peaceful in our dealings, as we all know “peace is liberty in tranquillity. It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.”

God bless Kwara.
God bless Kwarans.
God bless Nigeria.

National President

Director of Public Relations


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