Violence will only take us backward – Shagaya


The Chairman Salman Shagaya Foundation, Alhaji Sheriff Shagaya had shown displeasure over the looting of public and private properties in Kwara state by hoodlums.

He described the act as a gravely disheartening one and enjoined the people to embrace peace and shun fake news for the development of Kwara State.

He also commended the efforts of the State government and security agents in the state, he charged them to do more in restoring the peace and harmonious state Kwara is known for.

Read full press release below:

I am seriously concerned about the state of unrest in the state.

Shockingly, what started over the last two weeks as a stretch of peaceful protests for an end to police brutality have taken a dangerous trend, leading to attacks on people and businesses.

The stealing of items meant for vulnerable people at Cargo terminal in Ilorin and the procession to other business outlets is gravely disheartening. Looting and vandalism are not traits of the good people of Kwara state. Unity, love, and life are important to us. And we do not take them for granted.

What it means is that we now deal with miscreants who must be restrained from throwing the state into anarchy.

This is the time to be stronger in love and purpose for peace and prosperity sake. As citizens, we should aid the government and other stakeholders in putting a stop to this carnage and in realising the good work we started on ending police brutality & providing justice.

I salute the security agents for their efforts so far and strongly urge them to maintain civility in discharging their duties.

The unfortunate incident happening is borne out of anger chiefly fuelled by misinformation across the state. We should be careful of fake news and baiting not to begin attacking public properties as we saw in Lagos recently. Such will only take us backward. The consequences of such action will be more grievous on our social and economic life as a state.

With such an understanding, we should begin to get a clearer picture of what led us to this point and why we need to calm down to avoid further losses. I encourage the youths leaders, parents, traditional and religious leaders to actively join the crusade for peace in Kwara now.

People need to respect the curfew and get off the streets to forestall disaster. Unauthorised movement under any guise is illegal and badly advised. It is when we have a stable state, we can have a growing state.

Kwara is the State of Harmony, a place of industry and deep cultural heritage and we have to protect it. Do not encourage violence in words and actions. We must protect it NOW.

Chairman Salman Shagaya Foundation,
Sheriff Shagaya.


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