Bolaji Abdullahi: Joy of a mentee


By Tajudeen Habeeb

The concept of perspectivism, as taught by Ifa (Oracle) was the model I adopted in 2018 after the public pronouncement of my preference for Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi in the build-up to the 2019 general election. The decision to pitch my tent with him generated a lot of uproars of course, which must be due to my stand on the dynasty he belongs to politically.

Ifa (Oracle) in its philosophical teaching had opined that perspectivism is the philosophical idea that what we ‘know’ is known from a certain limited viewpoint and as such cannot be considered to be absolute Truth.

In 2018, what the vast majority knew about Bolaji Abdullahi were facts of perspective, that he is a product of Saraki dynasty while the truth about his person was probably overlooked, notwithstanding that they are the truth irrespective of anyone’s positional view. And as they say, truth is very stubborn in relation to manifestation.

Vigorously, we have pursued the cause out of the belief that considering suitability, Omoluabi is in a class of his own. With him, I toured the length and breadth of Kwara and preached the gospel of his candidacy with high volume speakers in my trail.

In all of this, I left many wondering, what would have made Tallest support the dynasty he so much criticised? What changes him? May I, by the way, reiterate the fact that even though supporting the dynasty isn’t a sin politically, I wasn’t supporting the dynasty, I was instead supporting a mentor who, for me, ticked all the boxes of leadership.

However, as fate will have it, Mallam didn’t get the ticket and the rest, as they say, is history.

The election went as it went, but for Mallam, the manifestation of the truth about him began with a series of attestation to his wonderful personality and leadership dexterity.

About two months ago, an event gathered some of the intellectual youths in Kwara together to discuss development. As applicable, where development is being discussed, leadership came in, and therein the analysis of different political gladiators was laid bare. While “shooting the breeze” emphatically, many who had opposed his candidacy during the contest agreed that he is above his peers, conceptualizing, intelligence, exposure, experience and the local knowledge. We all agreed he was/is a man for Kwara.

That occasion didn’t solely represent all I have gotten in commendation and attestation. A particular brother and mentor in his own right have, on many occasions, while analyzing leadership and governance opined that Mallam is one of those who can get kwara towards the path of development and indeed Nigeria as a whole if given the chance. At every opportunity, he will call and say, “Habeeb, tell your Oga to get prepared, he will lead this state.”

The election isn’t around the corner. Why am I preaching? A few days ago, I received an unexpected call from the emirate city. Of course, in pursuit of survival, I have been away for a while; however, that call represents the joy of a mentee.

As shallow as my line of thought and actions can be sometimes, many called it stubbornness, I have gotten in supporters and followers some fanatical ones, that whatever the decisions are, they will find an excuse and wait for the manifestations of my reasons for taken such path.

Abu Yahya is one of them, and he was the caller on this faithful afternoon. Abu Had called to say “Oga, I was with your mentor this afternoon, and in clear terms, I could understand why you are so fanatical about him. Even though I have always trusted your judgments, I couldn’t but call to say thank you for placing excellence above all other things.”

I wouldn’t know what the occasion was and what their discussion centred on since I didn’t facilitate the meeting. If I had, I would have fixed it for a time I will be around. So, it was an immeasurable joy getting that review.

The rave of reviews on the social media since the completion of the 2019 general elections has been awesome, even without pronouncing any political interest. I have received many calls from individuals telling me to advise my principal to test his hands on the senate. Such was the level of confidence reposed in him by the masses.

The truth in Mallam’s personality, intelligence, experience, and confidence has weathered the fact of perspectivism has worn for him, and that is the joy of a mentee who received latches for supporting him.

From within, Mallam gives joy and, now from outside, he is giving pride.

I am Tajudeen Habeeb. This year, I have received an award that officially added Omoluabi to my name.


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