Saraki at 58: ABS reigns forever


By Yusuf Soliu

It irks my mind when I see people coming on air to establish that Bukola’s political relevancy, power, or reign has withered off. That seems to be the joke of the century. Saraki that I know cannot be retired just like that, and I can’t just help but to laugh it out because his rivals knew not what they are saying. Father Lord, forgive them, for they do not know what they are saying!

Saraki is no doubt, a man of high repute. He is not only politically wise; he’s a phenomenon. Vibrant. Sound. Intelligent. Jovial. Credible. Calculative. Humble. Affable. He is a vibe very relatable.

Incontestably, Saraki is a patriotic leader. A leader whose political journey has birthed tremendous achievements for both Kwara State and Nigeria at large. He is not a man who attains a feat except that his immense impacts are felt. Records are there to help you with your contrary stance to this affirmation. He is an achiever both at the state and national level. Thanks to God for blessing us with someone like Saraki whose love is for all and sundry irrespective of one’s political inclination.

It gladdens my heart that I am identified with Bukola Saraki. I am always exceptionally elated anytime people tag me with the political guru. I smile within me and be at ease.

Dear Bukola Saraki, as you celebrate your 58th birthday, may you always overcome the plots of your haters. May their hate and evil wishes upon you never come to pass. You will bounce back on your feet and lead this nation to her dreamland.

May I for the Umpteenth time restate that my loyalty is always yours. I owe no one any explanation about my untainted love and affection for you. You are my leader now and forever irrespective of who believes or not. Can they love you more than I do? To name my first fruit after you is sufficient enough to speak of my love for you. Let them rant and gossip it amongst themselves. I am with you, why do I need to listen to uproars coming from the market? It’s of no importance.

Dear Saraki, long may you reign.


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