Notes from Kwarans to Governor AA on security


by Misbaudeen Saheed Onifila

When the man, AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq emerged as the governor of Kwara State in 2019, all hopes were high. Good people of Kwara State believe so much in the saying that ‘AbduRahman Dé Idẹra Dé’, little did they know that AbdulRahman as well has his flaws. We are humans and we definitely will not escape flaws.

Our man came fully prepared. He made it known that the first and most important duty of a government is the security of lives and properties. He told us that every other thing come after that, by holding a security council meeting as his first duty on May 30, 2019. He received briefings from all the heads of security agencies in the State. He called on traditional leaders to support his administration in lessening any security challenges that might have been on the neck of the state.

That is AbdulRahman. The man that came to power with the aura of hope, but losing the touch of everything to instability. Indeed, humans are so forgetful. How fast has AbdulRahman forgotten what he took as his first assignment as the governor of Kwara State? I could remember his face projection on that day. He promised the traditional leaders that he won’t relent. He is the Chief Security Officer of the state, he boasted endlessly. The peace and tranquillity of the State of Harmony is his priority, he promised. Are we having that peace now? Where is the tranquillity promised by our man? Even the Harmony in our state is fasting fading away into the thin air.

Well, it happens. That would be the cost implication of having someone that always wants something either by hook or by a cook at the helm of affairs. AbdulRahman wants power at all costs. He got it, now he is running away from taking responsibility.

We can classify everything done in security since his attaining power as “shows for the media.” An ‘egbinrin ọ̀tẹ̀,’ as we try to quench an uproar, our amiable AbdulRahman has not failed to ignite more and more. With his divide and rule theory, AbdulRahman is doing more harm than good for the state.

Do you see what becomes the state of security in the state lately? It is one kidnapping news per day in the state while our man continues fighting his fellow party men. He is unbothered. He wants his second term to come earlier while the citizens can continue to bathe in blood and live in fears. The ’man of the people’ careless! It’s about his reelection or every party member sniff pepper to their satisfaction.

The notes from the street are not in any way in favour of our power-blinded AbdulRahman. When he sent a trailer loaded with rice to his constituency, Adewole in Ilorin West Local Government of the State, what happened are better guessed than witnessed. Riot. Flame. Fire. And unrest took over our man’s ward. He gave discomfort to his community in form of a gift and left them to find solutions within themselves. Listen to the masses from his community crying for help. They want peace. They cherish their lives more than AbdulRahman’s trailer of rice.

Do you also see an indigenous union calling the governor to take responsibility? The state is no more a haven. Kwara State is fast becoming a fertile land for nefarious activities. And where is AbdulRahman in all these? He is busy fighting for second term ticket.

We should tell governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq that our dear state is well-referred to as “State of Harmony” because of our love for peace and that is what is expected of him.

To sustain the peace of the land and stop giving excuses. This government told us “no foothold for criminal gangs in Kwara.” Iro po! The government lied us to bed and now we have our state burning down.

To those that would say AbdulRahman is building the state. What is building a state without the security of lives and properties? The security of the state cannot be negotiated for any social investment program.

AbdulRahman should take responsibility now before this security issue escalates beyond what Kwarans can contain. In Peace and Harmony, we stand in Kwara State and that is why we are the “State of Harmony.”


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