‘I can offer everything positive to lead APC,’ says Saliu Mustapha


Chieftain and one of the aspirants for National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mallam Saliu Mustapha has revealed the reasons behind his bidding for the chairman of the party.

Mustapha explained that he is in the race to contribute his quota to positive and progressive leadership for all and to help bring about a disciplined, stable, focused and purposeful party for all with new ideas, and a fresh face that resonates with the younger generation who made up 80% voters going into 2019 general election.

“I can offer everything positive to lead a party with integrity, experience, hard work, loyalty, teamwork, bridge building, humility, stability, party discipline and so on and so forth, also importantly a good reward system for party loyalists and also a generational sympathy for harnessing votes from the younger generation in general elections.

“All these put together with a positive energy and sense of direction is what I am going to be offering to the party with other like minds to achieve our progressive agenda to deliver on electable leaders across the country for a better Nigeria because the party is the vehicle and a party with leaders exhibiting these qualities is needed,” the Ilorin born aspirant said.

While reacting to how he perceived other contestants, Mustapha stated that he is drawing his inspiration and encouragement from most of them.

“A lot of them believe in the need to have a change of the narratives in so many ways in which I represent, so it is their endorsement I would be looking for and not competing with any one of them for a contest because we must work together with all hands on deck to succeed,” he noted.

Mustapha who is one-time gubernatorial aspirant in Kwara State also noted that he’s not in the race to defend only the interests of the CPC caucus as he was a member of CPC before the merger that gave birth to APC.

According to him, “I am in to represent all members of APC and to also appeal to more Nigerians to join our party, of course, I am from the CPC by origin and one of the three legacy parties along with ACN and ANPP that formed the merger APC.

“In politics, we always try to balance and give people a sense of belonging, so if there is an agitation for the national chairman to be produced by CPC, it is natural owing to the fact the ANPP and ACN have once produced the chairmanship of the party but like I earlier said I am in it to represent all as a bridge-builder because you need every possible hand on deck to gain electoral victories.”

The Ravens NG gathered that the APC convention is still a work in progress as the party is yet to fix an official date.


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