32 clubs will participate in World cup — FIFA


Federation of International Football Association FIFA, has revealed a new format for club world cup.

The format will take a new shape which would be different from the past editions, and will be ready for execution from 2025.

The new format will include 32 clubs across different leagues in the world, which will be in the same format as the current FIFA world cup.

Speaking about the new Men’s Club World Cup, FIFA president, Gianni Infantino said:“The new men’s Club World Cup will take place in 2025 and will feature 32 teams.

“32-team tournament will go ahead, making it like a World Cup.” He added.

The current format of the tournament involves seven teams competing for the title. They include: winners of the AFC Champions League (Asia), CAF Champions League (Africa), CONCACAF Champions League (North, Central America and the Caribbean), CONMEBOL Libertadores (South America), OFC Champions League (Oceania) and the UEFA Champions League (Europe) alongside the host nation’s national champions participating in straight knock-out tournament.

Infantino has yet to revealed how teams will be selected across various leagues in the world to compete in the newly proposed format. No matter how the selection is going to be shaped, the new format will have serious impact on the football calendar which has already been packed.

The new FIFA club world cup tournament is tipped by football experts to definitely receive some backlash from players, managers and football analysts. Considering the fact that the tournament will add to the already occupied calendar thus taking a toll on footballers’ life on the pitch of play.


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