2015–2019 horrible, AbdulRazaq gave Kwarans a new lease of life — Gov’s aide


Special Assistant to Kwara State Governor on Communication, Ibraheem Abdullateef, has said that Kwara only recently got out of hard times, attributing it to the sterling performance of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq in delivering quality healthcare, education, and improved welfare services in the state.

Speaking on a live programme on JEO TV in Ilorin on Thursday, Abdullateef said life was unbearable for civil servants, teachers, women and youths under the previous government.

He also said the people will not elect another person who will wait on orders and prioritise the interest of his godfather instead of acting in the best interest of the citizens.

“The decision to vote for APC last time is justified. It was one of the best decisions we have taken as a people. Kwarans especially had the most horrible experience in history from 2015–2019 under the previous administration. Things are just getting better in the past three years,” he said about the significance of O’to ge in the state.

“At that time, education, health and water were in bad shape. You see civil servants, teachers, women, and youths suffering a lot due to neglect and incompetence of the leadership. If O’to ge had not happened, Kwara might have gone under totally. Nothing was working and the hardship was unbearable.”

Explaining what the administration has done to correct the situation, he said: “Today, no civil servants are owed a kobo in the past three years. There has been massive investment to bring education back on track and Kwara is now winning laurels nationally and internationally. Youths are being supported in enterprise and getting a chance to serve in government. Access to water rate has gone up positively with the rehabilitation of over 14 waterworks. With renovations of over 45 PHCs/cottage hospitals and implementation of health insurance schemes among other programmes in the health sector, the state is posting positive indices across the strata. AbdulRazaq has practically given Kwarans a new lease of life.”

He said the lack of plans and willpower by the former governor to take critical decisions by himself was one of the reasons for his bad performance in the state.

He added that AbdulRazaq only bear allegiance to the people of the state, deploying public resources to work for the good of the common man.

“AbdulRazaq is the most competent, experienced, and credible candidate. He has been tested and can be trusted for the job. Yes, there are some others but they do not come near. On the one hand, we have someone who is literally running for an Executive Assistant Governor. On the other hand, one is barely experienced and overly ambitious. The people want the governor to continue his good works.”

He asserted that Kwara’s economy and IGR are growing, noting that poverty and unemployment rate has reduced under the administration.

Abdullateef said the forthcoming elections are critical for the future of the state, urging the people to vote for the governor to sustain the gains recorded in the past three years.


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