The struggle for democracy and justice in Kwara State, 1446 days without council and counting


By Solihu Yusuf

As the sun rises and sets, marking the passage of time, the people of Kwara State have been denied their fundamental democratic rights for an astonishing 1445 days. The legitimate local government chairmen and councilors, elected by the people and for the people, remain unlawfully ousted from their offices. The orchestrator of this distressing situation, Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, has seemingly forsaken his duty to uphold democracy, choosing instead to silence opposition voices.

It is a disheartening reality that these councilors, elected by the citizens of Kwara State to represent their interests, have been unlawfully removed from their offices. The reason for this is shrouded in political intrigue, but it is clear that the root cause is their affiliation with the opposition party. This act has not only undermined the democratic fabric of our society but also threatened the unity and progress of Kwara State.

In the place of elected officials, Governor Abdulrazaq has appointed Transitional Implementation Committees (TICs) to oversee the affairs of the local government. These appointments, however, are not only undemocratic but have also been declared unlawful by the court. Yet, the Governor has openly defied the court’s ruling, further eroding the rule of law in our dear state.

The fallout from these actions is evident in the widespread mismanagement of the local government’s resources. Despite the former Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs in Kwara State, Hajia Aisha Ahman Pategi’s claim of prudence, the reality on ground starkly contrasts these assertions. In the aftermath of these actions, the local government purse has been recklessly depleted, with no tangible signs of development to show for it.

The consequences of this political upheaval have been dire. Our local governments are no longer functioning as they should, and the rate of hooliganism and insecurity has dramatically increased. It is clear that the people of Kwara are paying the price for the Governor’s political maneuverings.

Yet, amid this disarray, Governor Abdulrazaq has refused to conduct fresh local government elections. The citizens of Kwara State must understand this refusal for what it is – a blatant disregard for the democratic rights and welfare of the people he swore to serve.


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