Omoluabi and the politics of defection


By Tajudeen Habeeb

I do not know how to put it, but this month isn’t a month of politics. I had wished to start writing about him when it’s 7 days to his birthday —this is August and August is a significant month for the Omoluabis.

Few months ago, I had shown him a screenshot of a Twitter engagement, wherein some Kwarans opined that he should help the government of the day on Education considering his antecedent in the said ministry. This, they said, was for the sake of Kwara’s future.

His response will form the body of my message here. He said, ‘Habeeb, if they need me, they can get me and I won’t turn it down. It is for the future of Kwara, and that should be devoid of politics, that’s what I am passionate about.’

That’s the vantage Omoluabi! Apart from his brilliance, what many don’t know about his politics is that it was never a do or die affair for him. I have said this before, but I’ll reiterate it here — Omoluabi is never a desperate politician.

For those who have been following his political life and sojourn so far, you will agree with me that he has never shied away from taken his decisions in accordance with the dictates of his conscience and convictions. May be that’s why he is different, “An Omoluabi”

As a man of dynamics and honour, Omoluabi has admirers across political parties. Of course, he is never the type who deals and associate with anyone based on political considerations or affiliations. He is that cosmopolitan, he understands the rudiments hence takes politics for politics and relationship for what it is. May be that’s the basis for the recent rumour of his defection to APC. Who doesn’t want a Ronaldo in his team?

While I do not want to give the insinuation of his decamping any iota of credence, you may want to take it from me, not as Tajudeen Habeeb but as an integral part of Omoluabi movement, that such was just a rumour with no truth attached.

While evidence has proven the fact that party doesn’t define personality, I can assure you that irrespective of the party, Omoluabi will remain Omoluabi, a dedicated man who always stands out and ensure effective delivery of services whenever he is given the mandate and called to serve.

Having said that, may I please inform you that my principal’s birthday comes up on the 12th of this month. To us, it is significant and I will implore you to please use the same energy used in circulating the wishful defection in praying for more life accomplishments and long life for Omoluabi.


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