Nigeria needs a stingy president, says Obi


Peter Obi, Labour Party presidential candidate has revealed that Nigerians are in a state where what they need is a stingy but not extravagant president.

He made this known during a town hall meeting with students in Anambra.

“They said that I am a stingy man, and I say it’s better they didn’t say that I am extravagant or that I embezzled public funds. They only said that I am stingy, and I tell you the job and the Presidency of our country need a stingy person.”

He also condemned the incessant strike by ASUU and promised that his administration will prioritize the welfare of university lecturers. He also revealed that the revenue from petroleum products is about the sum lecturers are demanding and it’s what some people are sharing.

“Why would our universities be on strike? There is no justification for that because people are interested in sharing oil money, and they are not producing anything. Come to think of it, the money that they are stealing is about the amount that can be used to fix our universities and educational system,” he concluded.


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