Edo 2020: Oshiomole, Obaseki, and Ize-Iyamu should ‘calm down’


By Yusuf Mutiu Olaitan

About Four years ago, Comrade Adam Oshiomole was in every nooks and crannies of Edo state, painting Godwin Obaseki with every panegyric you could find in the Queen’s language while on the other hand lashing Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu with every denigrating words you could find in the lexicon. “Iyamu was a cultist”, a rusticated student, a potential murderer, and all sorts, It was so tough that Oshiomole gave a malevolent remark while addressing the Traders’ association in Benin on the 30th of August, 2016 “I didn’t even give him a board appointment” saying that he was part of the government that looted Edo state treasury. Do not put the key to your kitchen in the hands of someone you do not trust.” Did you believe him? You only need to “calm down!

Nobody could go against Oshiomole’s comments on Ize-Iyamu then for we believed he sees everything in the state. Oshiomole’s stride while he was the chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress was convincing enough to trust his words. Truthfully, he was/is a warrior.

Elsewhere, Adam Oshiomole was quoted lavishing praises on Godwin Obaseki during a Governorship campaign in 2016 that a “building in the government house should be named after him.” Godwin has served this state for seven and half years, everything we achieved has Obaseki’s input said, Lord Adam, The erstwhile All Progressive Congress national chairman paraded Obaseki as a saint, he made him look like a messiah. Vintage Adam! You’ll love it when he speaks or dances like Okoto. Time will, however, take care of itself, so, you need to “calm down”

With Oshiomole’s support, Obaseki emerged, Ize- Iyamu lost but he “calm down” and focused on other things. Two years down the lane, things began to fall apart between GGO and his supposedly Godfather, senior Comrade Adam Oshiomole and the centre couldn’t hold, may the soul of Chinua Achebe rest in peace. It was/is a battle of interest. The loggerhead drags on. Both of them managed the stage very well. Still, it was an overt brawl. Very clear for all to see. Late 2019, Pastor Ize-Iyamu who had contested on the platform of PDP against GGO of the APC defected with his very solid followers from PDP to the APC that defeated him and hurled some strong words against him three years earlier. It wasn’t a surprise, that’s the definition of every Nigerian politician, “No ideology, no shame” They cross carpets effortlessly. And that was when like Sango, the thunder struck and it became a battle sort of. Yet, we must “calm down”

GGO using the Nigerian governors forum platform pushed for the removal of Oshiomole as the national chairman of APC but the attempts were futile initially, of course, Adamu was/is a warrior who has fought many battles. In the end, he was removed and to some people, it was the underground work of GGO that forced Oshiomole out of his office. All were and are still insinuations. The fact, however, remains Oshiomole was booted out of office but not until he ensured GGO was denied the ticket to contest for his re-election under the party, favoring his old and common Foe. It’s getting beautiful, but, don’t you wanna “calm down”

Since GGO couldn’t get the ticket, as a typical Nigerian politician, He defected to the PDP and secured the ticket to contest, just like Ize-Iyamu. The stage is getting set and antics are trooping in from left, right, and center. Oshiomole, the greatest adversary of Ize-Iyamu in 2015/2016 is now his number one fan. Speak ill of Ize-Iyamu and see the bad side of Oshiomole. He even said to the council of traditional rulers in the state of recent that he made a mistake and seeks forgiveness on the choice of Obaseki, ” theatric”? Remember, the same man once told us Ize-Iyamu “can’t be trusted with a kitchen” Obaseki that was his poster boy, as the table turns now became his “worst enemy.” The irony of life. Still, I am begging you to “Calm down”

Isn’t it absurd? Does it not look like taking us for a ride? that Oshiomole will come out to tell the world that “APC will go to court to challenge the candidacy of Obaseki if the PDP fielded him” in the Gubernatorial election slated for September 2020 solely on his certificate issue. the same Obaseki that comes from a good family, went to school, and have certificates both home and abroad according to the Comrade in 2016, the same man he portrayed as the best thing that can ever happen to Edo in the same year. what has changed?

It is however a two-way thing, the PDP that on many occasions described Obaseki as a failure and even sued him for certificate forgery/deficiency now sees him as their savior and the man to take their party to the glory land. They handed over the party ticket to him on a platter of gold while damning all the consequences attached. Still, All we need do is to “Calm down.” Because it’s all about their personal interest and nothing more.

For Obaseki, Ize-Iyamu, and Oshiomole, all that is expected from them as a stakeholder in the project Edo is to “Calm down” and let the good people of Edo decide and give the affairs of the state to whoever they trust most. They gave their trust to Obaseki in 2016 and they are going to either give it to him once again or try another person in Osagie Ize-Iyamu. Edo exists, that’s why they are applying to govern her, and that’s the more reason why they must CALM DOWN.

As the election draws closer, I urge the political actors and the good boys of Edo to please “Calm down.” September is Nigh!


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